Corey Moss hosts, talking with AV people about AV+ things.

The AV Person: Jon 9 – CEO at Holonyne Corporation and Techno Shaman at VIRTULARIUM

Jon 9 headshot

What is the +? 

Creative video walls

Corey talks with Jon about:

  • His main social media platform – Instagram
  • Next-level video wall programming software WALLSITE
  • People that he has worked closely with in the AV industry
  • A special day (it happened this past Sunday)
  • An overriding theme and goal (with a studio of up to 64 screens on 5 different video walls) to prove that there’s a way to use complex technology to connect people on the most human levels possible
  • Gabriel 2025, the first video wall movie – “What it means to be human in a virtual age”
  • Some scoop on technology that he’s working on
  • The content standing out while the hardware “disappears”
  • Suggestion for integrators in terms of this premise
  • Content creation
  • Gongs


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