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This will be a rolling blog following Kaleo Lee’s travels and activity at CEDIA Expo 2018 – his blogs, socials, pics, videos, and interviews.

To begin, read Kaleo’s blog Why I’m Going to CEDIA Expo.

Here is another blog Kaleo recently wrote, “Alexa, is Voice Here to Stay?”

The Pre-Show

A big message @CEDIA, Kaleo RT’s:

It’s about to go down for Kaleo and his first trip to CEDIA Expo:

Upping the caffeine game, for CEDIA Expo…

Day One: September 6th

Caster Communications has a message for Kaleo:

No need to worry at all Kaleo, you’ve got this!

Sharing this one from The AV Life Crew-mate Katye McGregor Bennett:

And this one from co- The AV Life Crew member Matt Montgomery:

Aha, and Matt caught in the act with Katye and their crew…

The reality of the “trade show wars” CEDIA Expo 2018 style – save the energy for the after show activities Kaleo… 😄

Good friend Gabe Moronta has a (hashtag) message:

Kaleo met Toni Sabatino on The AV Life Episode 96, check out this tweet from Katye McGregor Bennett:

An All Star trio there at CEDIA Expo according to Malissa Dillman:

Kaleo gives HisenseUSA two thumbs way up! 👍👍 

Uh oh, does that mean a late start tomorrow Kaleo?

A little love for Screen Innovations:

Another @AVPhenom sighting at the Barco Residential booth:

A stop by WAVE Electronics to hear a little slice of “audio heaven” (Sonance speakers)…

This was Kaleo earlier in the day…

…looks like the rest may have done him some good – let the drinks flow!

Day one ends at CEDIA 2018, Kaleo RT’s this one.

Day Two: September 7th

The way it ended on day one…

The Control4 Party:

Have to get that #AVselfie!

Trade show workout – CEDIA Expo 2018 style:

Ah yes, the perks of a great trade show after-party…

Yes he is Gabe – let it roll on Day Two!

Some CEDIA Expo Twitter activity:

Pretty exciting here…

Alex Capecelatro is a regular guest on The AV Life:

Katye’s got a message about Rayva:

Matt Montgomery missing a #AVTweeps friend…

A message from Kaleo to Laura Shubel at Caster Communications:

And Control4 agrees…

Kaleo talks with Brad Hintze at Control4:


Crew-mate Matt Montgomery gives a talk about the industry:

Special message about SEURA who was on The AV Life Episode 96:

One from the wonderful Heather Sidorowicz (@Tech_Chi) – Lisa Loeb performing:

Kaleo has great things to say about KEF’s booth:

Kaleo meets up with fellow #AVTweeps #SPoAV – Access Network’s Alesia Hendley:

Kaleo Lee #SPoAV Approved seating:

And of course…

Kaleo designing his new press rig:

Katye with a D-Tools tweet:

Yes Matt Montgomery, we know Taft Van Stricklin is a wild and crazy dude!

And the evidence…

Taft jump.png

#AVhomies Katye McGregor Bennett and CEDIA’s Giles Sutton meeting up at the show:

Day Three: September 8th

Yass, the right way to begin the day!

Fellow #AVTweeps #SPoAV Michelle Loret has a message for Kaleo:

And Kaleo responds…

CEDIA Expo likes:

Kaleo’s social media message to small home integration businesses with WeConekt:

Golf skill session with About Golf (at CEDIA Expo? Cool!):

And Kaleo reveals…

A message from Matt Montgomery’s TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters for Data Projection:

Another one for Barco Residential from TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters:

A stopover at Draper AV, and an #AVselfie with Randy Reece:

Kaleo meets up with fellow Hawaii #AVTweeps Barry Sato:

Checking out the goods at Onkyo USA:

Some Samsung QLED TV “Ambient Mode” thoughts here:

Looks like Kaleo’s in love… with Séura Smart Home Mirrors (what about his wife?):

Matt Scott, caught in the act (carrying the gear) – a bit out of focus but we know it’s him…

Whoop Whoop! Kaleo and Katye finally meet up:

Dave Pedigo chimes in (#AVhomies):

And affirmation by Residential Tech Today:

Kaleo catches up with one of the great Women in AV (and fellow #SPoAV), Vijita U.G. of Stewart Filmscreen:

And fellow #AVTweeps #SPoAV Victoria Ferrari is overjoyed:

Kaleo’s a loyal TWiT watcher, gets an #AVselfie with Scott, and there’s Vijita and Alesia again…

Yet another #AVhomies (AudioQuest Storm Trooper) meet up for Katye:

The roll continues for too:

Check out this pic: Katye, Kaleo, Vijita, Rob Keeler and team AV Nation – classic.

Check this one out between Kaleo, Matt Montgomery and Victoria Ferrari (from back home in Houston):

Kaleo is amazed at Data Projection’s booth and their 8K projection:

There’s THE #AVselfie shot! Matt, Kaleo and Katye (doing the whoop whoop drive by)!

There’s another tweet of Kaleo driving home – but let’s just say we’ll leave it here with a happy team pic.

Thank you all for returning to see Kaleo, Katye and Matt’s roll over the three days at CEDIA Expo 2018, hope you all enjoyed it!

And finally…

See you in 2019 — Denver!