New products combine Artison quality sound with Savant IP audio technology, providing A/V integrators solutions they need to deliver best performing whole-house entertainment

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Savant, a leader in smart home technology, has announced groundbreaking architectural loudspeaker and soundbar solutions that make the system design and installation of high-performance whole-house entertainment easier than ever before. The Savant IP Soundbar and the Savant Micro Aperture loudspeakers encompass an entirely new way of delivering entertainment content throughout the home. These new speakers represent the first initiative to jointly leverage engineering from both Savant and Artison since Savant acquired the loudspeaker company last year.

PoE Micro Aperture Speakers

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Savant’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) self-powered Micro Aperture architectural speakers are a game-changing whole-house entertainment solution that drastically reduces the complexity associated with system design and installation. Each powered speaker contains a highly efficient amplifier, which not only reduces installation time, it also delivers superb sound quality throughout the home because content remains in the digital domain from source to speaker. There are three in-ceiling versions available, each using an advanced technology called Balanced Mode Radiator that delivers more sound per watt. There is a self-powered PoE speaker, a companion PoE satellite speaker, as well as a passive (4-ohm) speaker for interface with traditional audio systems.

Each self-powered PoE speaker can run up to three PoE satellite speakers giving integrators an astonishing 8-speaker capacity based on a single pair of powered PoE speakers. Because each unit is individually controlled and connected to the network, the user can easily switch room configurations. For example, the dining room speakers can play music during dinner, then become the rear channels for a theater system at the touch of a button. Most importantly, Savant Micro Aperture speakers are decor friendly – the speakers sit flush in the ceiling, are available with compact, paintable round or square 4-inch grilles and complement the look of the Savant/USAI Lighting recessed fixture family for the cleanest look once installed.

IP Audio Soundbar

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The Savant IP Soundbar is a high-performance powered sound bar designed to deliver features never before available to integrators in the CI channel. Engineered to dramatically improve the listening experience from a flat panel TV, the IP Soundbar is an AVB networked device fully compatible with Savant Audio, delivering access to all popular streaming services, and requiring no outboard rack-mountable hardware for audio distribution. Each Savant IP Soundbar features 6-channels and 200 watts of amplification controlled by sophisticated DSP all built into an extruded aluminum chassis. High-performance woofers and tweeters plus Artison’s renowned Stage Tweeter deliver wide dispersion and superior clarity, with bass down to 75Hz. Custom grilles allow it to perfectly match TV dimensions and finish while delivering the exceptional sound quality of a premium loudspeaker system. The replaceable grilles also make it easy to upgrade the TV without having to replace the soundbar. The Savant IP Soundbar comes complete with the TV mounting kit, ensuring that the listener gets perfect sound even when angling the TV.

“We are excited to bring meaningful innovations to the whole-house entertainment market that provide integrators with new opportunities and give clients the most intelligent high-performance A/V systems available,” said Cary Christie, Chief Technology Officer, Audio at Savant.

Savant’s Micro Aperture and soundbar solutions will be available Q4, 2018.

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