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The AV Person: Jan Sandri – President at FSR, Inc.

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What is the +?

The FSR Story

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The story begins:

Back in the day when no computers graced our desks, cell phones weren’t imagined, Selectric Typewriters were the hottest office gear, and women were wearing hot pants, I met Bill Fitzsimmons. A job interview in a Clifton, NJ restaurant, where 3 martini lunches were the norm, I was hired as Bill’s Admin at the ITT Avionics Division in Nutley, NJ. Bill was head of PR and Advertising (with a BS and MS in Physics, and an MBA in Business). He was dynamic at the job (putting on the best parties ITT has ever seen), but always loved to create. Tasked with doing a large Division presentation to Geneen (then head of ITT Global), we went to Charles Rodriquez, owner of AV Services, at that time an AV Rental Company. Bill was planning on using several slide projectors (remember them), and needed to dissolve and fade images. Charlie said, “there is no equipment that will do that.” Bill replied, “I can make those in my basement!” He did, the presentation was remarkable, and Charlie went back with several dissolve units to put in inventory.

Corey talk with Jan about the beginnings of FSR, the AV industry at the time, how many women were involved at that time, along with the current state of the company.

Jan also talks about her close friend Cory Schaeffer, their relationship, and continued efforts for industry improvement and women’s advancement in AV. Jan and Cory received the Women in AV Award at InfoComm 2014.

A hint of more to come from Jan as well – listen in.


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