Human Centric Lighting solution offers health and lifestyle benefits as well as energy efficiency for residential and commercial environments  

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LumaStream, makers of innovative, premium low-voltage LED lighting systems for residential and commercial applications has introduced a tunable white (Kelvin-changing), Human Centric Lighting (HCL) low-voltage LED lighting solution that will be on display at the 2018 CEDIA Expo tradeshow this September in San Diego, CA. The technology will be on display with the company’s first collaboration partner for the tunable white technology, Vantage Controls.

This initiative combines LumaStream’s US-designed tunable fixtures and patented remote drivers with the advanced lighting control capabilities offered by Legrand brand Vantage Controls, a leader in human-centric lighting control technology. The Vantage platform is compatible with DMX or 0-10 volt protocols, providing intuitive single-button control of whichever technology is behind the lamp. The Vantage controller is programmed to match the sunrise/sunset schedule and Circadian Rhythm cycle based on the location of each installation. The result is the ultimate fully tunable white, HCL low-voltage LED lighting solution that can be specified and delivered by A/V integrators.

“The human body is wired to respond to changing light throughout the day—referred to as our Circadian Rhythm,” explained LumaStream Founder Eric Higgs. “This collaboration with Vantage benefits the health and energy-conscious consumer while reflecting a core value of our brand—leveraging technology and innovation to improve quality of life. There are vast opportunities to apply tunable HCL lighting in nearly any environment, and we are confident that our network of integrators will have tremendous success based on this LumaStream/Vantage solution.”

“As demand for tunable lighting offerings grow, Vantage is proud to work together with partners like LumaStream to bring cutting-edge human-centric lighting systems to the market that are simple to specify, install, and use,” said Mark Moody, Product Manager at Vantage Control. “The combination of LumaStream fixtures and Vantage lighting controls is bringing real value to spaces for occupants.”

Engineered for Integrators

With LumaStream, integrators have full control over an end-to-end, architectural LED lighting solution that is modern and energy-efficient without the need to be dependent on a licensed electrician. LumaStream’s LED lighting solutions are based on patented technology that enables smooth, faultless dimming as well as the distribution of low-voltage DC over long distances between remote power supplies and premium light fixtures without any degradation in performance. Featuring fully scalable power supplies available in DMX or 0-10 volt configurations with up to 12 channels, the LumaStream lighting platform runs cooler and performs to specification longer than competitive LED lighting solutions. Most critically, LumaStream supports their integration partners with comprehensive lighting design services as well as technical and sales support teams, giving them access to high-level expertise and a pathway to success in the lighting category.