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Host Katye McGregor Bennett is joined on this episode of AV Trade Talk by:

Gerry Lynch – Founder and Owner of System 7 (merged with Wolfers Lighting)

Jennette Kollman – Design Consultant at System 7 Wolfers Inc.

Richard Glikes – President at Azione Unlimited


Katye discusses the following with Gerry, Jennette and Richard:

  • Jennette begins by talking about her layered approach to lighting the room (the “lasagna”)
  • Gerry talks about the technology connection point, lighting control, and the opportunity for the integrator
  • Gerry talks about integrators becoming a lighting knowledge resource for other trades (e.g. the architect, interior designer)
  • Jennette talks about integrators being knowledgeable of lighting trends and fixtures
  • Gerry talks more in-depth about lighting control – dimming and color tuning
  • Richard talks about the integration sales perspective in terms of opportunities in lighting
  • Jennette talks about lighting design and fixture installation for certain rooms in the home
  • Jennette talks about the benefits for integrators working with lighting designers, and Wolfers lighting design services
  • Jennette and Gerry talk about outdoor lighting
  • Richard talks about lighting as a differentiator for dealers
  • Gerry talks about human-centric lighting as an emerging category – design, engineering and fixtures
  • Gerry talks about education, taking lighting classes at trade shows
  • Jennette talks about understanding the layers of light and clients unde all of the options
  • Richard closes the discussion talking about attending LightFair, working with multiple lighting designers, and opportunities into the future


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