Join the Crew host Brittney Lanni, and co-host Rachel Schwerin as they welcome their guests:

Alex Hertel – Founder & CEO at Xperiel

Garrett Fuselier – Creative Director at HYPNO

Brittney and Rachel talk with their guests about VR, the future of immersive technology, and the human condition. Garrett begins by describing the VR game he developed in just over a year and a half – an adventure into a world of his own nightmares. This leads the conversation to a philosophical investigation into the power and responsibility immersive tech developers shoulder as they craft new realities.

Inspired by the recent World Cup, Brittney asks Alex about Xperiel’s collaboration with sports organizations. How fans interact with the game in a stadium leads to questions about attendee experience and its impact on the event itself – what should the role of the audience be in our contemporary culture of short attention spans?

What it means to be human plays a significant role in both Xperiel’s and HYPNO’s conceptual bases, as both companies consider first and foremost – how do we want our product to make people feel?

The conversation concludes with mutual admiration of each others’ tech endeavors, and enthusiasm to continue the compelling conversation.

Sit back, plug in and find out what it means to be human in these guests’ worlds as we live…

The AV Life.

(Original title: “Perfect Strangers and Game Changers” – you’ll get it). 


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