By Corey Moss

In April I wrote Plantronics, Polycom and the News – When the Pieces Come Together, and it Makes Sense in reference to the announced acquisition, and in it I provided some of my own insights to go along with those who cover UC and collaboration on a daily basis. I also talked about Polycom’s well-known innovations, along with its history.

I ended that story with “more to come” – here it is, the news on July 2, 2018: Plantronics Completes Acquisition of Polycom

Better Together Plantronics

The new Plantronics offers a comprehensive portfolio of communications and collaboration solutions for the unified communications and collaboration ecosystem that spans headsets, software, desk phones, audio and video conferencing, and analytics. With this, Plantronics can provide a more integrated approach that complements existing solutions.

This message was posted by Joe Burton, President and CEO at Plantronics on 7/2 *:

I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time now and I couldn’t be more excited to share that it’s official: Plantronics and Polycom are now “Better Together” as one new company! 

Today marks the start of a new chapter for both of our companies.Together we are positioned to build a world where we can listen, collaborate, dream, and create.

Both of our teams have navigated our changing industries over the years and bring similar cultures of quality and service, deep engineering talent, and clear communications. We’ve come through the waves of market changes to a tipping point where we are better positioned together than we were before on our own. That tipping point is driven by the convergence of two critical changes. First, the move to the cloud for unified communications means that employees encounter more solutions than ever and need a more consistent and predictable user experience, regardless of the cloud platform. And second, the expectations that employees bring to their work environment are heavily influenced by the ease and comfort they have with their personal devices. Together, these two market forces create a critical need for one company to focus on the experience—and that is what we are uniquely positioned to do.

Both Plantronics and Polycom have led the way in designing collaboration technology that people actually want to use, from wearables that fit in with our individual personal style to sleek conference phones that fit in with our modern workplaces. This technology lives in our personal space, directly on our bodies or right next to us at our desk or conference table. With our two companies combined, we can deliver communication and collaboration experiences for every environment, workspace, and worker. Wherever communication technology touches a human, we will make their experience better.  And in the process, we can create opportunities and value for our customers and partners that no one else can. 

Today is just the tip of the iceberg. I look forward to sharing more with you as we begin this journey to unlock human potential and create a world where experiences are tailored for people and enabled by technology that ‘just works’. l know from experience that I can promise “The best is yet to come!”

I invite you to check out our web site for more information about the new Plantronics,

The new leadership team has been assembled from the deep talent of both companies – Joe Burton refers to this as his “dream leadership team,” showcasing the complementary nature of this acquisition, and how the sum of the team, talent, and technology is greater than its parts.

Here is the team:

  • Amy Barzdukas, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
  • Cary Bran, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer
  • Alex Bustamante, Executive Vice President of Global Operations and President of PLAMEX
  • Mary Huser, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal and Compliance Officer
  • Jeff Loebbaka, Executive Vice President, Global Sales
  • Tarun Loomba, Executive Vice President, Product and Solutions Management
  • Navin Mehta, Executive Vice President, Global Services
  • Shantanu Sarkar, Executive Vice President, Headset Business Unit
  • Phil Sherburne, Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff, Product Integration
  • Pam Strayer, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Don Williams, Executive Vice President, Engineering

See here for more information on the leadership team.

Don Williams, Executive Vice President, Engineering at Plantronics described this next chapter best when he said, “Polycom and Plantronics together have limitless potential. Together, we can drive the user experience across the whole enterprise for collaboration.”

The new Plantronics with Polycom will continue to bring innovation for the workplace of the future, with continually expanding unified communications and collaboration portfolio and ecosystem play, along with a bold combined company vision.

* On LinkedIn: Plantronics and Polycom are now “Better Together” as one company!


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