Oblong Industries, Inc., the pioneer of interactive spatial computing environments for the new era of collaborative work, demonstrated next generation workflows for the enterprise at this year’s InfoComm, delivered by Mezzanine™.

Visitors to Oblong’s booth viewed demonstrations of Mezzanine’s seamless integration with popular workstream collaboration products such as Cisco Webex Teams, enabling teams to move easily between the desktop workstream of a Webex Teams environment to a multi-user, multi-location, multi-stream Mezzanine meeting space.

Oblong’s VP of Business Development, Steve Vobbe commented; “Mezzanine now integrates with multiple platforms, reflecting the growing demand from businesses who are choosing technology solutions that deliver maximum flexibility and enable greater productivity from their teams.  Information can flow freely across the enterprise ecosystem, enabling faster decision making and improved collaboration. InfoComm 2018 was a great opportunity for us to share these innovations with visitors to our booth.”

Oblong in-booth IC18.JPG

In addition to Cisco Webex Teams, Mezzanine also integrates with other popular workflow collaboration platforms such as IBM Watson Workspace and Slack, offering businesses a range of options, depending on their specific business needs. Utilizing these tools, allows teams to collaborate across dispersed locations, creating a shared virtual workspace for day-to-day work. For more complex problems requiring deeper engagement with multiple data streams and content, teams can easily escalate these conversations to a Mezzanine workspace.

Mezzanine meetings are easily triggered when using platforms such as Webex Teams, creating a link between the Webex Teams space and Mezzanine.  Any assets shared in either space are synchronized immediately so teams can easily access and utilize content that is shared, even after the meeting ends. Mezzanine delivers the ultimate collaboration platform to bridge the virtual and physical workspaces with a content-rich shared experience for stakeholders in the room, in connected rooms, and in remote locations. Everyone can contribute as equal participants in shaping decisions in real-time.

The Oblong team welcomed a wide range of contacts from the Pro-Av sector to their booth during the three days of InfoComm 2018, demonstrating the dynamic workflows from desktop to meeting room and back with Mezzanine.

About Oblong Industries

Oblong Industries’ innovative technologies change the way people work, create, and communicate. With roots in more than two decades of research at the MIT Media Lab, Oblong’s flagship product Mezzanine™ is an immersive visual collaboration solution that defines the next era of computing: simultaneous multi-user, multi-screen, multi-device, multi-location immersive visual collaboration. Mezzanine’s groundbreaking Infopresence capabilities multiply the effectiveness of distributed organizations and catalyze new, more effective, more collaborative workflows. Oblong is headquartered in Los Angeles and supplies Mezzanine systems to Fortune 500 enterprise customers and reseller partners.

Learn more at www.oblong.com, and connect via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.