Join the Crew host Corey MossMichelle Loret, Steve PicanzaKaleo Lee and guest Crew members Brandy Alvarado, Dayna Baymann as they welcome their guests:

Mary Cook – Project Consultant at The Sextant Group

Christina Cruzeiro – Business Development Manager at Stampede Presentation Products

Cristina Lucas – Product & Marketing at Genesis Integration, Inc.

Megan Dee Durocher – AV/IT Solutions Architect at University of Southern California

Johanna Ocampo –  Director of Marketing at SiliconCore Technology

Top row: Mary Cook, Christina Cruzeiro – Bottom row: Cristina Lucas, Megan Dee Durocher, Johanna Ocampo

This next AVIXA Women’s Council Groups show on ‘The AV Life’ brings back Brandy, Dayna and Mary – and introduces new voices including Christina and Cristina who are heading up a brand new group in Canada in the Toronto area!

Brandy and Dayna join the Crew for this one, and Brandy (a bit voice challenged still) brings great information to this show, showing the true leadership of the AVIXA Women’s Council Groups (along with Cory Schaeffer) across North America.

Mary is first, she appeared on the very first AVIXA Women’s Group episode of the year, and she’s heading up a group in a new state now. Christina and Cristina – our #CanadaChristinas (or #CanadaCristinas?) talk about starting up the new Toronto group. Megan, who is an AV/IT Solutions Architect along with being an expert in Big Data Analytics, is next talking about what being a part of this means to her. Johanna discusses her efforts with a new group in Northern CA, and Brandy picks up on that conversation being in Southern CA.

Brandy and Dayna talk about their groups, and Brandy brings main talking points including #MyAVTribe, get local – the need to meet more than just once a year at InfoComm, areas where people can help and more. She also talks about the impact men also have on their efforts. Dayna also adds discussion of helping in local areas with the AVIXA Women’s Council groups.

Next is discussion of the AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast at InfoComm, the women talk about their experiences there, and Corey talks about his previous experiences at the Breakfasts along with a thought he had last year, that turned into reality this year. Michelle also gives a great take on this year’s Breakfast (and more) as well. Some special shoutouts here too.

Amanda Eberle Boyer, Sr. Director of Member Services at AVIXA and Penny Sitler, Chair of the AVIXA Women’s Council, speaking at the Breakfast

Brandy Cory Gina Womens Breakfast

Cory Schaeffer speaking at the Breakfast, Gina Sansivero is next to her and Brandy is to her right

Finally, each of the women gets to do a call-out in terms of joining up with the groups.

Sit back, plug in, and get to know these amazing women in the AV industry as we live…

The AV Life.


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Note: Reference to two stories in this podcast –

Let’s Build Together! by Brandy Alvarado

A Booth Tour Experience with Polycom at InfoComm ‘18 by Dayna Baumann