By Dayna Baumann, Control Concepts, Inc. 

As the non-stop eventful week came to a close on the last day of InfoComm, I had the opportunity and pleasure to visit the Polycom booth, centrally situated in the North Hall of the show floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

My visit was a bit more than a brief encounter with knowledgeable members of the Polycom team, and more of a guided tour throughout the multiple enhanced existing and newer offerings that the manufacturer was proudly exhibiting at this year’s conference. I was greeted with a warm, ready welcome by Chris Thorson, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing, and also Michele Marin, Head of Corporate Communications-America’s. I was already somewhat familiar with the company and general offerings, but a helpful overview was provided for the sake of leading into what is huge for the company, and a proud-point of discussion for all at Polycom – the Polycom Trio.

Polycom InfoComm 18 1

It’s already recognized that simply put, Polycom is known for unleashing the power of partnership and teamwork within human collaboration. To fortify their own customer service practices along with productivity right down to their customers’ meeting room experience – Polycom’s meeting space solution simplifies, yet enhances a wider range of user experience. As my AV professional roots reside in the control/software programming side of things, I’m aware that many of our programming for projects within corporations and organizations of all sizes, also contain various collaboration levels and types. From what had to be more of an individualized approach for conferencing based off space size, this solution creates greater flexibility and interface consistency, expanding beyond typical huddle rooms to differing room sizes within one enterprise. Finding a more seamless solution that could stretch across all room sizes has been less accessible, until Polycom’s Trio.

I’ve learned that in a nutshell, Polycom Trio is comprised of an appropriate solution, regardless of room size, for video, voice and content; basically, one smart meeting and collaboration experience. Working with existing principal video CODECs, EagleEye cameras and touch screen, you’ll rely on only one sole interface to manage call volume, camera pan/zoom and much more, just as the industry is demanding today. Trio really does provide ease of use stretching across all types of meeting scenarios. Of course, the quality remains high-end too, along with the increased level of productivity gained from saving time as derived from a more simplified experience. From requested higher expectations and feedback per direct clients, Polycom delivered, that is, a solution that means most to those who mean most to Polycom; their users.

Polycom Zoom InfoComm 18

What’s more, is do you recall another company with some buzz attached to it this InfoComm ‘18? Zoom, and Zoom Rooms, are gaining impressive momentum in the video conferencing software world. Marrying the two together, it was shared on my tour and with other booth visitors, that Polycom has also launched under the Polycom Trio solution, the New Zoom Rooms Bundles. Here, the Polycom “Smart Conference Phone” is the Zoom controller (including native UI), and serves as a leap forward in a prolific industry partnership. A user can still maintain their popular Zoom Rooms experience with Polycom’s leading audio solution and camera performance. As with the Trio accommodating any room size, the Zoom Rooms bundles are also offered in three different choices to satisfy huddle, mid-size and larger spaces. This partnership has hit the nail on the head and created the best of both worlds for Polycom’s enterprise users.

Additionally, if you have thoughts about facing security concerns in a more network-centric world, Polycom takes it a step further with an important announcement for its wireless content sharing device Pano – that being a secondary wireless network for receive-only mode (typically, for “visitors” in a meeting scenario) to maintain a higher level of security. Pano also has sharing capabilities for documents, presentations, etc.  All bases appear to be covered, right?

Overall, my Polycom booth tour experience was two-fold. It provided a healthier taste for my own knowledge of what Polycom stands and strives for, along with an affirmation of keeping emerging trends in the industry in the forefront of their footprint. I will take back with me what I soaked in and apply it to where my understanding and own contributions to my work and the industry are prevalent. I am thankful for opportunities like these to become better informed about the various influences in our AV industry, and be welcomed to explore another industry family who has an important piece to the current AV puzzle.

Dayna headshotDayna Baumann is Customer Relationship Manager for Control Concepts, Inc. and also has sales experience within the Audiovisual programming services & retail industries. Dayna, who joined the AV industry in 2015, also heads up the New York City AVIXA Women’s Council Group along with FSR, Inc.’s Gina Sansivero.