Host Katye McGregor Bennett is joined on this episode of AV Trade Talk by:

Kevin Main – President and Chief Operating Officer at Torus Power Inc.

Kevin Main headshot

Katye begins talking with Kevin about his trade show travels across the world so far this year, including ISE and InfoComm. Kevin talks about Torus Power – their history, and the company today. Katye then asks him about some misunderstandings in terms of the power category which Kevin explains, and he goes over three key benefits for users.

Katye then keys on the studio environment with Kevin – home to professional (which comes up again in the podcast in terms of a recording studio visit Katye made in Las Vegas), and how Torus Power addresses such requirements. Kevin mentions Arthur Kelm who has helped design products over the years for Torus Power.

The conversation then turns to InfoComm 2018, Kevin talks about coming back to InfoComm to exhibit after a few years away. Torus Power, whose focus has mainly been in the residential integration market, talks about conversations he had with commercial integrators there, and why commercial integrators should consider Torus Power for their integration projects – including power analysis that Torus can provide.

Torus Power RM series.png
RM Series
Wall Mount (WM) Series

Kevin then talks about the best way to present power, discussing bundling network and power at the beginning and not running into issues later.

Katye then talks with Kevin about that recording studio visit in Las Vegas (Studio DMI) during InfoComm which Kevin highlights, including Torus Power products that are used. Katye and Kevin also talk about the dynamics and consistency that the artist demands, along with the mixing engineer, in this case Luca Pretolesi.

Katye also refers to an article about usage as well as publicity for Torus Power in the music studio world.

Listen to an insightful conversation about toroidal isolation power transformers, presenting power in projects, InfoComm 2018 and talking with commercial AV integrators, a highlight visit for Katye, and discussion of work with the music world brought by a long-time industry expert on this episode of AV Trade Talk.


This episode can be downloaded from SoundCloud here.