By Brandy Alvarado, rp Visual Solutions 

A look back at InfoComm18

This is my fourth InfoComm, and even after four years of booth planning and preparations, I’m still shocked at how frenzied it is and how long it takes to bounce back. This week I’m able to collect my thoughts, recover my voice, and share my views post-InfoComm of the exhibit floor and events I attended.

For rp Visual Solutions (RPV), we built a brand-new booth for InfoComm18, and the feedback was phenomenal. We’ve always had a hard time showing exactly what we do – Custom Visual Structures and Engineered Screen Solutions. This is commonly referred to as a mount, but that word has been removed from the RPV vocabulary because what we do is so much more than a mount. This year the curved structure we displayed did a terrific job of conveying our capabilities, but more importantly the reason why you need RPV in your corner. Our theme of “Let’s Build Together” was easy to see and very much in-line with our business model.

Our booth’s curved structure was a cut-away of the ceiling/floor mounted LED videowall we did for the Wynn Sportsbook project. And although it only represented a small portion of the Wynn project, it conveyed our expertise in achieving the tolerances required for direct-view LED. In addition to the LED cut-away structure for the Wynn, we showcased a sub-1mm LED solution with SNA Displays on a linear motion actuator (below). Motion control is something we specialize in and use for servicing large videowall arrays with a push of the button.

InfoComm18-RPV -SNA Motion LED -Paragraph 3.JPG

RPV also excels at its Engineered Screen solutions. We had two great screen attractions in our booth this year, and both were met with a great many oohs’s and ahh’s. One was a rear projection Diffusion screen specially molded into a zig-zag pattern. This screen was a mini version of a project we just completed for a museum in Normandy, France. The other screen solution (below) was an Ultra Short-Throw digital art piece that we featured during DSE and resurrected for InfoComm. Not only did it show off our dnp ALR screens, but it showcases our engineering creativity.

InfoComm18-RPV-Staggered Mosaic Paragraph4.JPG

Other areas I particularly liked were our reception counter and Huddle space comprised of several MultiTaction interactive panels (below) housed in custom fabricated structures by RPV. We’ve done several projects with MultiTaction; a great marriage because to achieve a fluid touch experience you need GREAT SEAMS – where RPV excels! We’ve been able to achieve the most precise seams and alignment for MultiTaction projects, and thus earned many projects where this is critical for big data collaboration and great touch experiences.

InfoComm18-RPV-MMT 4x1- Paragraph5.JPG

Rounding out our 30×50 booth space was a wall dedicated to our new Wallmate product, a flat panel integration system that comes in many flavors. This product was conceptualized by our very own James Fife, Consultant Extension for RPV, after many years as a consultant. His own frustration led to this project being launched and it is sure to become a product staple for many AV Consultants. If you haven’t had a demonstration of Wallmate, I’d urge you to check out our website and YouTube channel. As I mentioned it comes in a few flavors including Fixed, Tilted, and X-arm in both the 16” and 32” wide sizes.

Infocomm18-Paragraph 6.jpg

If you stopped by our booth, you would have also noted the stellar screens from dnp Denmark on display. RPV is the distributor for dnp Optical Screens for the America’s, and typically share a booth at InfoComm. I’m still blown away by how our screens perform in bright light environments, in this case convention lighting. If you stopped by other screen and projector manufacturers you likely saw very dark, shrouded booths. This is done very much on purpose. Our screens perform best in hostile light scenarios, and we often are challenged by our booth neighbors to LEAVE THE LIGHTS ON! It’s common for exhibitors to request lights out over their booths, but we say, “Bring it on!”, and even bring in additional lighting to showcase the ALR properties of our superior screen materials. We offered a daily shootout to drive this point across – our low gain and high gain versus traditional matte white. It was no contest! Dnp offers high contrast at a fraction of the cost.

InfoComm18-dnp Booth Paragraph 7

Lastly, if you know me, you know how passionate I am about co-founding the AVIXA Women’s Council Southern California and subsequent groups with Cory Schaeffer of QSC. This year’s Women’s Council breakfast was definitely one of the highlights of my InfoComm. Meeting and connecting with all the council members is so inspiring. Along with some of my amazing group leaders, I got the opportunity to help plan the breakfast this year. We really wanted this to be an activation year where we recruit new members and GET LOCAL with starting new groups.

To date we’re 15 groups strong in the US, and 2 Internationally. Our goal is to double that by next year. Ambitious? Maybe, but I truly believe it can and will be a reality very soon. It’s not enough for us to meet just once a year. We’ve received the message loud and clear from members of the council to meet and network more frequently, so we’ve set the bar for our groups to meet at least quarterly, if not more. I ask anyone that’s interested in becoming a member or leading a group to reach out to me directly for more info.

Brandy and women on big screen.png

Brandy Cory Gina Womens Breakfast

I’m thankful the show’s over, and that my voice is slowly returning. Ever tried scolding a 4-year-old by whispering? Just saying… not very effective. I hope the 965 exhibitors had a great show, and the 43,000+ in attendance had a great experience. I know we did and very much look forward to 2019 as preparations are already well under way! Let’s build together!

(Note: rp Visual Solutions is a Convergent AV InfoComm 2018 sponsor).

Brandy headshot.jpgBrandy Alvarado is the Marketing & Business Development Manager at rp Visual Solutions. She considers marketing as a melding of creativity and communications executed through a well-organized process. Her passion is to create, engage, and retain customers by building strong relationships through brand recognition and lead nurturing. She’s a highly organized, dedicated, positive leader with a passion for learning and challenging herself. She also believes in the personal growth of her team through coaching as a way of development.