Join the Crew host Corey MossKatye McGregor BennettMichelle Loret and Steven Picanza as they welcome their guests:

(In order of appearance)

Hannah Grap – VP Corporate Marketing at Prysm Inc.

Mark Tracy – VP of Marketing at Middle Atlantic Products, Inc. (image in-podcast)

Derek Badala  – Director of Sales – Americas at Synthax Inc. (RME, myMix, Ferrofish, Alva)

Paul  Harris – CEO at Aurora Multimedia Corp.

YT Liang – Product Manager at ATEN Technology

Ed Whitaker – General Manager at Lighthouse Technologies Limited USA

Mario DiAntonio – Technical Account Manager – Channel Team Leader at Samsung Electronics of America (image in-podcast)

Rob Goldberg – Director at Vivitek

InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas – what can we say? Another big show, true innovation, outstanding events, and the first time for AVIXA. The exhibitors – we have eight of the many here, and we’ll have more on the evening episode.

In order, the guests talk about what products and solutions they showcased at InfoComm, as well as the experience at the show. They talk about how their products, solutions and companies are AV market differentiators. And don’t call it gamechanging…

Hannah is first talking about Prysm’s new LPD-6K series video walls (up to 190″), along with an end user who spoke at the show. Mark details what Middle Atlantic brought – especially one product in particular – along with their InfoComm theme, and being the with the companies under Legrand in a combined booth. Derek talks about Synthax and their audio solutions, being cost-effective vs. other solutions on the market, what they do in-house, and getting into the audio network world. Michelle has a conversation about Dante and AVB with Derek here. Paul is next and discusses all that Aurora Multimedia showcased at InfoComm, talking about AVoIP, HDBaseT and SDVoE. He also discusses ReAX, an industry first non-proprietary IP Control based on AV/IT industry standards.

YT discusses ATEN product lines along with control system, and certified HDBaseT training that she conducts. ATEN also joined the SDVoE Alliance booth, and was in a panel discussion with Paul, talking about HDBaseT. Steve has a comment about design thinking, and he mentions convergence (in a good way). Ed details how Lighthouse they have been building and installing LED’s before many of the manufacturers that attend the show. He also talks about exhibitors at the show who wanted to display Lighthouse screens. He discusses their Quantum fine pixel series and mobile LED. Mario talks about all of Samsung’s products and solutions showcased at InfoComm, and especially their “showstopper” product The Wall. He talks about Samsung’s heavy investment in LED as well. Rob finishes up by talking about recently joining Vivitek (although he’s been in AV for 20 years in education), he’ll be handling the projector line, and NovoConnect at the company.

Along with the experience, each of the guests is asked the question “how do you live the AV Life?”

Sit back, plug in and do what you, and we love – and that’s live…

The AV Life.


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