By Convergent AV

At InfoComm 2018, AQAV held their annual Awards and Networking Event at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino during InfoComm 2018. The Sponsors for this event are Vistacom and Gencomm.

AQAV awards

AQAV’s Quality Champion Award starts with an enlightened management that recognizes the value of quality which then identifies a champion that becomes authorized to transcend normal organizational lines and brings their special skills of a coach, information systems engineer, listener, and leader. This year’s award goes to an individual that exemplifies this. The change agent that assists the operational art of AV9000 to pervade the organization, moving it along from department to department, overcoming peoples’ natural resistance to change. The award goes to Thomas Iasiello, Director of Managed Services for Vistacom of Allentown PA.

AQAV’s Quality Volunteer Award recognizes someone who selflessly volunteers their time to AQAV and actively promotes the AV9000 Standard. Everyone is under time pressures, even more so in today’s demanding jobs in a growing industry, and yet some see the value in quality management and the role AQAV plays in that and they go above and beyond and make it all happen. This year’s recipient has been exceptional, championing their first fundraiser, establishing key liaison with other organizations and sponsors, and promoting the cause. The 2018 award goes to FSR’s Director of Business Development and AQAV Board member Gina Sansivero.

For the past two years, AQAV has recognized a Technology Manager who courageously insists on performance metrics and enforces the unambiguous verification of performance despite the pressures of their bureaucracy to just let it slide and accept mediocre performance. The Award is named after the pioneer of AV Quality Mark L. Peterson, for his role at Morgan Stanley. Mark is currently keeping the torch moving in his capacity as Associate Principal of Shen Milsom Wilke. Mark L. Peterson Award 2018 goes to Benjamin Loy (formerly) of JP Morgan Chase.

Certificates of Recognition 2018

Goes to the one person with, according to Irene Sasso, Membership Director at AQAV, arguably the most experience in testing and verification of some of the most complex AV systems on the planet, and one who volunteers her time to the cause, even instructing when necessary, and presenting this year at Infocomm 2018. Someone whom Irene says “I have the pleasure of working with at Audio Visual Resources in Mineola NY” – Gisela Torino CQD, CQT, CTS-I, who is in a management position that actively supports AV9000 in the workplace.

Other Certificates of Recognition go to Marla Suttenberg, Sapphire Marketing, a Sponsor that actively supports AV9000 in the workplace. Other individuals that were nominated in one of the above categories and will also receive certificates of recognition are: – Frederico Fernandez, Baltimore City Schools, – nominated for Quality Champion;  James Patterson, Baltimore City Schools, nominated for Mark L. Peterson – Brian Roth, AV Services, nominated for Quality Champion Award and Jose Velez, AV Services nominated for a Certificate of Recognition, all of whom demonstrated extraordinary value on AV Quality.

AQAV’s message: “To all those disruptors of the industry who struggle daily to organize and Control the Chaos that is audio visual technology, thank you!”


(Note: This news was provided by Irene Sasso at AQAV).