By Corey Moss

It’s the post-InfoComm 2018 start to ‘The AV Life’ on Convergent AV and today’s the day we do the shows – two of them, afternoon and evening. Here’s what the afternoon show looked like on Zoom with participants on video (the co-host Crew and exhibitors) and listeners on phone-in as taken by Crew member Steve Picanza.

Actually we had one more join before recording began.

Here’s another one from Mario DiAntonio at Samsung (he was off a bit on Convergent AV in the tweet) where you’ll see all of the Crew and guests that were on the show during recording:

Twelve participants on video, the rest call-in listeners. And fourteen on video is still the record.

As I said during the show I’m still recovering from the Las Vegas InfoComm haze, so I had no idea just how many in total I had invited for the daytime show (and pretty much for the evening show as well). No matter how many show up though, Katye McGregor Bennett (who has been my podcast partner since January 2016) and I are just about ready for anything. Michelle Loret is always ready to contribute an excellent (and at times quality snark) comment as well. Steve, Global Brand Strategist + Consultant at Latin & Code is the new guy to AV who’s absorbing tons of information while doing the shows, and making great contributions himself.

The Crew of ‘The AV Life,’ we’re dedicated to providing an excellent listening experience, no matter how many are on the show.

We’re a team, and there’s never an I in it.


Update 6/15: Here is that The AV Life episode

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