By Corey Moss

I have to admit that since I started in AV, which was back in the early 90’s in computer rentals, there are certain companies that continued to gain strength and speed in the AV industry – and InFocus certainly stands out as one of them. Founded in 1986 by Steve Hix and Paul Gulick, the company as many know develops, manufactures, and distributes DLP and LCD projectors (and accessories) as well as large-format touch displays, software and more.

I remember working for Computer City for a short time back in the mid-90’s and selling projectors – InFocus projectors that is. I entered commercial integration sales in the late 90’s, and in time the Mondopad became the conversation when discussing interactive collaboration displays. My cornerstone product had long been the SMART Board after  joining the integration company in 1998, however when the interactive collaboration display became the main choice for front of room interactive collaboration, the Mondopad became front of mind for most everyone.

While others continued to enter the market (and even release product enhancements/upgrades), InFocus continued to be the standard bearer, to go along with building themselves into that all-in-one interactive collaboration solutions provider (adding BigTouch, JTouch and the MondoPad Ultra). In 2015 came the acquisition of Jupiter Systems, the manufacturer of my #1 pick at InfoComm 2015 – Canvas.

This year, Jupiter Pixelnet 2.0 was announced – here is a Convergent Tech Talk episode where Michelle Loret talks with Brady Bruce about Pixelnet 2.0, as well as Mondopad, JTouch, ConX and Canvas (where Brady also broke news of their new wireless presentation solution SimpleShare).

As for Mondopad, projectors, SimpleShare and Pixelnet 2.0 announcements at InfoComm 2018 – here they are again:

Mondopad All-In-One Displays for Business

A new array of Mondopad all-in-one display models will address business needs across every market segment. InFocus’s updated Mondopad solution lineup will offer a fresh, user-friendly design and interface, designed to enable businesses to work together more efficiently by collaborating visually, video conferencing, and capturing and sharing information to bridge information gaps.

The new Mondopad line comprises three models, each of which will be available in 55, 65, 75, and 86-inch models as well as multi-touch 4K or 1080p anti-glare displays, later this year:

  • Mondopad Ultra provides premium, high-performance collaboration via a seamlessly integrated, fully-featured touchscreen system with a built-in Windows PC, a powerful Intel Core i7 processor, and Microsoft Office. Users can share, view, and control the Mondopad Ultra from a computer, tablet, or smartphone, annotate using the interactive digital whiteboard feature, and utilize native HD video calling and data sharing;
  • Mondopad Launch is a flexible solution that enables users to start meetings quickly with the tools that they choose, simply by adding their favorite software and apps. Mondopad Launch models feature a built-in Windows PC with powerful Intel Core i5 processor, are video conferencing ready, and include a digital whiteboard and annotation capabilities for easy content sharing from any personal device;
  • Mondopad Access gives users an easy way to present information and share ideas. Content can be wirelessly transmitted to the display at the touch of a button with the included InFocus SimpleShare point-to-point presentation solution. Users can write or draw on the built-in digital whiteboard, screen capture, and annotate over any content, as well as view and present documents, photos, and video.

Solid-State Illumination Projectors

InFocus is previewing three new solid-state illumination projectors, which will offer fantastic ROI through an accurate color gamut 30 percent wider than traditional projection, a bright visual equivalence, and 30,000-hour light source. There will be three models in the solid-state illumination projector line:

  • SPL1080HDUST is a HD laser projector featuring 4,000 lumens that projects a wide image from inches away with its super-short .23 throw ratio;
  • IN1186HD is a LED projector featuring 2,200 lumens and full 1080p resolution. Compact and ultra-portable, the IN1186HD includes USB compatibility designed for PC-less presentations and BYOD applications;
  • INL3148HD offers 5,000 lumens, WUXGA resolution, and full connectivity for high-end installations.

IN119HDxa Home Entertainment Projector

InFocus is also showcasing its latest immersive home entertainment projector solution, the IN119HDxa, which provides native 1920 x 1080 HD resolution (16:9 aspect ratio) image quality, 3,600 lumens, and 28,000:1 contrast ratio for high brightness, sharpness and depth with darker darks and whiter whites. The projector provides vivid, accurate color thanks to BrilliantColor technology, as well as 3D capability via content from PCs, Xbox, PlayStation, Blu-ray, and many more sources.

SimpleShare Wireless Presentation Solution

Available now and on its debut display at InfoComm 2018, SimpleShare is a point-to-point presentation wireless connectivity solution for video, presentation, documents, and data sharing. SimpleShare is device-agnostic and a true cable replacement, to allow users to wirelessly share high-definition video and sound to any display with an HDMI input without requiring software, downloads, or network management. SimpleShare is extremely user-friendly for anyone to implement without burdening the IT department.

There’s a SimpleShare model for every application:

  • SimpleShare (INA-SIMS1) is perfect for a small meeting room, including one transmitter and receiver;
  • SimpleShare Presentation System (INA-SIMPS1) is a complete conference room solution with three transmitters and a charging station;
  • SimpleShare Touch Presentation System (INA-SIMINT1) supports up to three presenters with wireless touch control from a touch display panel and allows users to annotate on anything they present from their source device, as well as draw and write on a built-in digital whiteboard.

Jupiter PixelNet 2.0

Updated from the award-winning Jupiter PixelNet solution, PixelNet 2.0 makes its North American debut at InfoComm 2018. The distributed display wall system features uncompressed 4K video quality, native fiber, and audio support, and provides increased processing power with the ability to connect a virtually unlimited number of displays, video, and data sources, across a campus or around the world. PixelNet Domain Control (PDC) software provides centralized control of real-time HD or 4K content in conference rooms, lobby displays, offices, and classrooms, and also allows operators to visualize any video wall or single display in the network, place any video or data source in a window anywhere on the wall or within a single screen, and even control multiple video walls at remote locations. Jupiter PixelNet 2.0 is available now.

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With over 20 years in audio visual integration and IT/computer sales and consulting, Corey Moss is the owner of Convergent AV. Corey writes for the publication and hosts/produces podcasts – The AV Life, Convergent Tech Talk and Convergent Week. He has written for numerous industry publications about AV, IT, unified communications and collaboration (UCC), cloud and software, IoT, cybersecurity and more. He has also conducted interviews with AV and IT executives and global influencers. Find him talking about a whole lot of things, tech and otherwise. On LinkedIn