By Corey Moss

I’m ready to admit something to the public that I have only admitted in private to certain people – that InfoComm 2017 was a near-fail for me. Even though I had excellent plans for each day’s travels across the exhibit hall, strategic booth visits, meetings and more, it didn’t go as I had expected, and the reporting was somewhat lacking. Yes I did put out my top picks for the show (they will be coming for InfoComm 2018 soon) and my usual trade show social media blogs, but overall I wasn’t happy with the outcome. In fact, it almost led to the end of Convergent AV in its first year.

I’m not a quitter though, I never have been – I have faced much tougher challenges and pushed through them. What I am is someone who is highly driven and motivated to succeed, not in the case of money or profile, but in reaching and exceeding the goals that I establish. I was 15 years in commercial integration sales, and in short you must meet and exceed quota every year, along with those goals you’ve establish for yourself. This is why I felt that I had fallen short after InfoComm 2017 with the goals that I had established.

January started off very well as it’s our lead-in month to ISE 2018, and though I did not attend the show this year, Michelle Loret did. She did some coverage of the show for me (after starting with Convergent AV the month before), and her coverage was absolutely terrific – in fact it exceeded any goals I could have ever imagined for her representing Convergent AV there. I had told her just to do your best, and she fully exceeded any expectations I may have had. She did booth interviews, and then she did interviews with four well known people in the industry that she arranged – Cory Schaffer (Director, Systems Solutions Global Enterprise Accounts at QSC), Richard Ventura (VP of Strategic Management at NEC Display Solutions), Julian Phillips (EVP at Whitlock and Chairman of the Board at AVIXA) and Dave Labuskes (CEO at AVIXA). And she had never done a single interview before this. Truth.

Here are the interviews:

The AV Life Episode 67: The ISE 2018 Executive Interviews – Dave Labuskes, Julian Phillips, Rich Ventura and Cory Schaeffer

It was an outstanding moment for Convergent AV in 2018, to go with numerous others – Michelle now has her own show ‘AV Talk+’ which is in it’s third episode (Dave Labuskes was a guest on her most recent show).

My podcast partner since 2016 (and the other host of ‘The AV Life’), Katye McGregor Bennett, who has been a very big part of my AV media existence (and a driving force to my continuing on strong toward the end of 2017) began her own show recently with ‘AV Trade Talk’ – the first episode is with guest Noah Kaplan, President at Leon Speakers). I’m very proud of this as Katye truly has great knowledge to the subjects that she discusses with guests when she hosts ‘The AV Life’ and also on shows that I host. There’s a great story behind ‘AV Trade Talk’ which I’ll share one day.

I did not insert myself here, and though I do work seven days a week (and my joke is if I didn’t take a sleeping pill to get the five or so hours I get every night, I wouldn’t sleep) it’s not about me, it’s about the team – of ‘The AV Life’ podcast, as well as those who make contributions in other ways. I was told last year to be Convergent AV, be the brand. I do know about branding and what it’s all about, but it has to be about the team first and foremost when a company or organization is involved – you’ll notice how this was addressed by Alesia Handley on her trip to the Draper factory last year referring to the Draper family and everyone from President John Pidgeon to their newest addition Kevin C. Barlow, Director of Business Development. I met with Kevin this year on my booth tour at Draper, and his passion for the company and what they do truly shows.

Being the brand, if it represents all that the organization and it’s people is about, is the true way to be (if you look at Richard Branson as one example). In this way one can be the brand, hopefully done in the right ways as to not appear to be all about self-promotion, but for the greater good of those they are looking to appeal to, and even educate. Alesia Hendley, who also worked with me last year at InfoComm 2017 (my former Iowa State student Crew member Taylor Meyer did too), has done this very well since she made her entry into the industry officially last year, and I highly commend her for it. She appeared on the very first ‘The AV Life’ show “Living the Life AV” (Justin Watts was one of my co-hosts) – give it a listen.

Here is my brand – and I’m most happy about that.

The AV Life logo new.png

One more thing is that I knew my support for women in the AV industry, which has especially been with Women of InfoComm/AVIXA Women’s Council, was most important with the Convergent AV platform – and that became another deciding factor to my continuing on. In fact, something happened this week that I feel can have an even greater impact on the AVIXA Women’s Council (to go right along with establishing new groups in Canada) – I talked to Brandy Alvarado about this yesterday and I’m very happy to have been a part of it. We at Convergent AV have also been interacting with WAVE recently on social media, which has been terrific.

In short, goals and expectations for Convergent AV have far exceeded what I had set out for in a true mission for 2018. And as for InfoComm 2018…

Thank you to all who have been a part of our AV Life at Convergent AV, and the experience that it brings. And of course many thanks to those who have been a great part of mine as well.


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With over 20 years in audio visual integration and IT/computer sales and consulting, Corey Moss is the owner of Convergent AV. Corey writes for the publication and hosts/produces podcasts – The AV Life, Convergent Tech Talk and Convergent Week. He has written for numerous industry publications about AV, IT, unified communications and collaboration (UCC), cloud and software, IoT, cybersecurity and more. He has also conducted interviews with AV and IT executives and global influencers. Find him talking about a whole lot of things, tech and otherwise. On LinkedIn