Software now provides camera-based alignment for 3D projection mapping projects and invisible system alignment

Christie®, a leader in creating and delivering the world’s best visual and audio experiences, is pleased to announce a major update to Christie Mystique™ Install,  a software that configures, aligns, warps and blends complex multi-projector arrays.

 With Mystique Install – Large Scale Experience (LSE) Edition, recalibration of complex projection mapping on 3D surfaces now just takes a single click. Mystique Install – LSE detects any changes in projector or camera positions and automatically corrects the blended image using a camera-based alignment system. Featuring markerless calibration for projection mapping on 3D surfaces, it eliminates the need for screen or object markers.

Mystique Install – LSE reduces maintenance and labor costs for 3D projection mapping projects, eliminating the time and expertise it can take to set up a complex system using an unlimited number of cameras and projectors. Additionally, it works with either Christie 3DLP® projectors and a 3D media server or the Christie Pandoras Box media server and third party projectors.

Protect your image with Christie Guardian

Mystique Install – Essentials Edition and Mystique Install – Pro Venue Edition feature Christie Guardian, a new solution that can correct projector alignment even when content is playing. Guardian works exclusively with the Christie Boxer Series and the all-new Crimson Series of 3DLP® laser phosphor projectors.

Unique to Christie, Christie Guardian does not require light patterns to align and blend the image to the screen – instead, the software automatically scans for misaligned blended images and, while the content is playing, almost instantaneously realigns them without stopping the visual experience or displaying a visible test pattern so audiences are unaware of any problem. Using Christie Guardian means no costly downtime, making it ideal for applications such as sports venues and live events where projectors can be bumped when content is playing or image degradation can occur over time.

“With Mystique Install, we’re excited to help customers deploy and maintain complex projection systems,” says Curtis Mutter, product manager, Christie. “With this launch, maintaining perfect images day-in and day-out is now a reality, even without technical expertise.”

Christie Guardian is available with Mystique Install – Essentials Edition and Mystique Install –Pro Venue Edition when using Christie Boxer or Crimson Series projectors. Mystique Install with 3D camera based alignment is available with Large Scale Experience Edition.  All are available July 2018.

About Christie®

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