Join Katye McGregor Bennett for this special discussion with Mark Cichowski, CEO Clarity AV International, Inc., David Weinstein, Vice President, Residential Sales at Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. (CEDIA Board of Directors Secretary) and Jody Larsen, Director of Business Development and Sales at CEDIA.

The story: CEDIA Acquires Technology & Business Summit

Katye has a sit down conversation at the Technology & Business Summit in Los Angeles, CA with Mark, David and Jody at the event to discuss the Technology and Business Summit, CEDIA’s strategy in acquiring the Summit, the Tech Summit being a major asset in building new CEDIA membership.

Katye begins talking with Mark about the Summit, its history and what it has meant to the residential AV market. He adds discussion on the CASTLE Summit as well. Katye then talks with David about the Summit and what it means in terms of delivering value as well as strategy on a local level to the industry. Jody talks about the growth of the Summit, and the opportunities it presents for CEDIA.  She also addresses education.

Mark talks about being in a disruptive phase in the home technology industry, and how the Tech and Business Summit is an excellent way to deliver messages at a more local level. David talks about workforce recruitment, training and development, and how a regional show helps with that. Katye discusses the difference as well as the dynamics of the regional events vs. major industry events. David addresses this too.

Jody talks about how CEDIA can continue to help their members at these Summit events, and Katye addresses how these regional events do provide that ability for CEDIA.

Mark talks about why people should attend the Summit events, he also mentions events taking place in June, October and November.

Note: This podcast was recorded while at the Technology & Business Summit on 5/22 – there are background noises.