Join host Michelle Loret and Corey Moss as they welcome their guests:

Mario Maltese – CEO at Audio Visual Resources and Executive Director at The Association for Quality in Audio Visual Technology, Inc. (AQAV)

Mike Keadle – AV Division Manager at NCS (Network Cabling Services, Inc.)

Mario, Mike

If you think you may have heard a conversation similar to this one on a Convergent AV podcast over a year ago — you’re correct. Mario and Jeremy Elsesser, President at Level 3 Audiovisual, joined as guests on the former ‘The Edge of AV’ podcast (Nov. 2016) to talk about “An AV Integrator’s Challenge – The Cost of Poor Quality” – a discussion which focused on those costs for the integrator, what the buyer/end user expects, and Jeremy’s take on learning from AQAV and implementing AV9000.

Mario is back, along with Mike Keadle this time joining Corey again, and Michelle on this reboot podcast to talk about AQAV, the challenges that are faced by the end user, including the costs and loss of profits for the integrator in terms of poor work quality. Mario talks about training, certifications, the AV9000 standard, integrators utilizing a checklist and more. Mario’s statements of how AV is not easy and AV integration takes serious discipline are keys here. Mike adds to these discussions as well.

Michelle talks about her own experiences as well, and refers to the scope of work and mistakes that can be made where at times it’s ignored in the field. Mario picks up on this conversation as well.

Corey talks about his past experience in commercial AV integration sales (including a punch list story), and how the AV world has evolved in terms of hardware, software, cloud, along emerging technologies. He talks about how integrators need to get to know more about these convergent technologies, and Mario, Michelle and Mike add here too. Other AV/tech markets are discussed here as well – specifically UC&C and digital signage.

…then comes some of the edge.

Finally, Mario speaks about the AQAV Music is Life Fundraiser taking place on May 10th – he talks specifically about Paul McCartney’s concert at Red Square, and discusses the technology, engineering and preparation that goes into such an event. Find out more here.



This episode can be downloaded from SoundCloud here.

(Note: This podcast was recorded at the end of April).