By Convergent AV

As you enter the room, the theater or the arena, you take your seat and you wait for the production to begin. It could be a play, a concert or any type of live event – nonetheless, it is a production as someone had to put it all together, whether alone or with a team. The stage is front and center.

At InfoComm 2017, a new type of open theater event took place on the show floor – “Center Stage” – where numerous thought leaders and innovators in specified fields gave 20 minute presentations to the attendees who sat in the theater venue in a well put together production.

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Center Stage is InfoComm’s hub for creative dialogues, featuring leading thinkers and practitioners from the fields of entertainment, enterprise, healthcare, education and hospitality. These dynamic conversations peer within and beyond traditional AV use cases to explore the intersection of technology, business outcomes, and quality of life.

By placing the AV industry’s most innovative makers, users, and creators in conversation with each other, Center Stage creates a platform for new connections. These programs will inspire you with the power of the industry and prepare you for what the future holds.

Hear the latest innovations in AV tech and system design presented through case studies and award winning designs.

At InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas, these leading thinkers and practitioners from the fields of entertainment, enterprise, education, and hospitality, such as Huge, Bravo Media, PixMob, FreemanXP, The Salk Institute, Local Projects, Patten Studio, and Marriott International, will take the stage (booth N1646) to present free, 20-minute sessions throughout all three days of the InfoComm show.

“We’re excited to have Center Stage return after a successful debut at InfoComm 2017,” said Jason McGraw, CTS, CAE, senior vice president of expositions, AVIXA. “It’s a great opportunity to learn from these bright creatives who employ technology to push the human potential to learn, connect, and entertain.”

Some of the Center Stage topics are:

  • Analytics in enterprise space design
  • How digital content supports employee recruitment and retention
  • Modern stadium design with interactive digital signage
  • Wearable technology for connecting audiences
  • AI for enhancing sports video content
  • How hotels create new demand with live music and entertainment
  • Brand activations and live event experience design
  • Creating a campus-wide digital media hub
  • How buildings of the future will change in response to human occupants
  • Personalization of digital signage content

The Center Stage schedule is as follows:

Wednesday June 6th

11:00 AM – AR for Immersive Live Experiences, speaker Cortney Harding, Founder of Friends with Holograms

1:00 PM – Using Videoconferencing to Connect Learning Communities, speakers Amar Bakshi, Founder and Creative Director, Shared_Studios and Lewis Lee, Curator, Shared_Studios

1:30 PM – Wearable Technology for Connecting Audiences, speakers Vincent Leclerc, Partner and Chief Technology Officer, PixMob and Christopher Cowley, Senior Director of Technology, C2 International

2:30 PM – The Psychology of User Interface Design, speakers Sundar Raman, Director of Creative Engineering, Local Projects, and James Patten, Director of Patten Studio


Thursday June 7th

10:00 AM – Personalization of Digital Signage Content, speakers David Title, Chief Engagement Officer of Bravo Media, and Manolo Almagro, Managing Partner of Q Division

11:00 AM – Emotion Recognition Technology for Improving Experience Design, speakers Haluk Kulin, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Data, FreemanXP and Sergei Gepshtein, Director of the Collaboratory for Adaptive Sensory Technologies at the Salk Institute

11:30 AM – Incorporating VR into the Online Classroom, speaker Julian McCrea, CEO of Portal Experiences

3:00 PM – Creating Empathy with Immersive Audio in VR and Video Games, speakers  Joanna Fang, Foley Artist, Alchemy Post Sound and David Grinbaum, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Chapter Four


Friday June 8th

10:30 AM – How Buildings of the Future will Change in Response to Human Occupants, speakers Neil Redding, Director of Emerging Technology, ThoughtWorks and Güvenç Özel, Principal, Ozel Office

11:00 AM – How Hospitality Brands Use VR and Interactive Video to Engage Guests, speakers David Kepron, Vice President of Global Design Strategies, Distinctive Premium Brands, Marriott International and Bill Lally, President of Mode:Green

11:30 AM – Innovators in Online Video Content Creation Reveal the Secrets to Compulsively Watchable Content, speakers Alesia Hendley, Multimedia Journalist and AV Operator, Berry Center, Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District and Will Curran, Founder and Owner of Endless Events

For further details on Center Stage and more, as well as to register for InfoComm 2018 see here.