By Jon 9

the videowall is an art form… for the 21st.century… it is four-dimensional… the artist paints with video in time… on an electronic canvas… a digital simulacrum of human experience… a theatre of complexity… juxtaposition, repetition and rhythm… creating a new language of synthesis… experiential, not perceptual… a videowall is not an object… it is a dynamic metaphor… programmed, rendered, non-linear… it deconstructs time and space… and recombines creative ideas… into a representative reality… where form generates content… where program determines object… and where the substance of meaning is found in the world… between the screens…

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Blog republished with permission from Jon 9. It originally appeared here

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Jon 9 is Techno-Shaman at VIRTULARIUM and CEO at Holonyne Corporation. He is a Creative Technologist developing and deploying storytelling solutions using large-scale complex digital display systems in art, entertainment, education and commerce. At the HOLONYNE MultiScreen Design, Production and Programming Studio in Los Angeles, they are developing the VIRTULARIUM® Theater, using WallSite® Videowall Programming Software and patent pending WallSite® Videowall Engine – creating the platform and developing the techniques to lead a revolution in how humans interact with complex digital display systems in the Virtual Age – without glasses or headsets. Find out more about him on LinkedIn