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Techno-shaman – the definition:

An advocate of, believer in, or practitioner of techno-shamanism; a person who combines mystical or shamanic beliefs with use of or expertise in technology. *

Meet Jon 9 – words, pictures, video, podcasts and more.

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Jon 9 is the CEO at Holonyne Corporation and Executive Director of VIRTULARIUM.

He states:

I think its ever more important for humans to find ways to use technology that extend beyond control or escape.  Sophisticated digital videowall systems have the potential to teach the public a new way to see and develop a fundamentally new paradigm for how we create, store, present and experience entertainment, information and digital art.

Jon 9 is a Creative Technologist developing and deploying storytelling solutions using large-scale complex digital display systems in art, entertainment, education and commerce.

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At the HOLONYNE MultiScreen Design, Production and Programming Studio in Los Angeles, they are developing the VIRTULARIUM® Theater, using WallSite® Videowall Programming Software and patent pending WallSite® Videowall Engine – creating the platform and developing the techniques to lead a revolution in how humans interact with complex digital display systems in the Virtual Age – without glasses or headsets.


The “mission statement” for the VIRTULARIUM® :

Create new experiences by using highly complex technology to connect people on the most human levels possible.

The VIRTULARIUM at InfoComm 2017 (in the NEC Display Solutions booth)

#9 does #Infocomm. Sharkmented #reality

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The VIRTULARIUM at InfoComm 2017 – VR “Sharkality” content

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Jon appeared on ‘The AV Life’ podcast Episode 39: Going Inside the Minds of True Innovation to talk about VIRTULARIUM® in July 2017.

The AV Life Ep 39 screenshotTop row: Jon 9, Corey Moss, Richard Ventura (NEC Display Solutions). Bottom row: Randy Pagnan (rp Visual Solutions), Maria McKinsey (Brown Innovations), Katye McGregor Bennett

Listen to the latest episode of ‘The AV Life’ Episode 74: Time, Technology and Data – Factoring the Future of AV hosted by Jon 9, with co-hosts Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Michelle Loret and Brittney Lanni, and guests Richard Ventura, Randy Pagnan, Brandy Alvarado (rp Visual Solutions) and Cynthia Austwick (Green Hippo Media Technologies):

Part 1

Part 2

Jon 9 Ep 74 2

         Jon in-podcast – Episode 74

Below is content created by Jon 9 (on an original mosaic display at the rp Visual Solutions booth at DSE 2018) – you’ll hear him, and Brandy Alvarado at rp Visuals talking about it on episode 74 (Part 2). Jon works very closely with the company.

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and as for time…

Most humans experience #time on a continuum – a road that stretches out ahead while disappearing around the curves behind. We never stop moving down this road… we can’t… even when we’re standing still the road is moving forward beneath us. We look left, and right, our fellow travelers, mired in the endless flow. Peering ahead, the courage of our #imaginations guides us through the amorphous haze. Moving forward through time is not a choice – it’s HOW we choose to move through time that defines us… dragging each footstep, clobbered by fear of the unknown future? …or dancing, leaping with joy into fantastic dimensions and infinite lanes along an ever expanding highway of #dazzling #possibilities? 2025 – A HISTORY OF THE FUTURE 9. 9. 9. 9. 9. 9. 9. 9. 9.

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New Years Eve 2018 (with “Inimitable Renaissance Man” Doc Phineas T. Kastle).


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Jon is an animal lover.

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Our #dog

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(With a comment by Jon – @yetiprotagonist that’s their “put down the f***ing camera and give us some snacks” look).

Check out some augmented reality:

One of Jon’s noted career experiences – he was Head of Video Dept., the Beatles: “LOVE” Cirque du Soleil, Las Vegas from Nov. 2005 – Dec. 2006.

projection scene Beatles Love.jpg

     Projection scene from The Beatles: “LOVE”

Finally, a selfie — Jon 9 style.

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Arthur C. Clarke postulated that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” He certainly must have had Jon 9 in mind.


Here is Jon’s LinkedIn profile. See more of Jon 9’s work (and personal life) on Instagram.

Update 4/17: Jon is Techno-Shaman at VIRTULARIUM. Jon Techno Shaman Virtularium.png


* Oxford Living Dictionaries