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Techno-shaman – the definition:

An advocate of, believer in, or practitioner of techno-shamanism; a person who combines mystical or shamanic beliefs with use of or expertise in technology. *

Meet Jon 9 – words, pictures, video, podcasts and more.

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Jon 9 is the CEO at Holonyne Corporation and Executive Director of VIRTULARIUM.

He states:

I think its ever more important for humans to find ways to use technology that extend beyond control or escape.  Sophisticated digital videowall systems have the potential to teach the public a new way to see and develop a fundamentally new paradigm for how we create, store, present and experience entertainment, information and digital art.

Jon 9 is a Creative Technologist developing and deploying storytelling solutions using large-scale complex digital display systems in art, entertainment, education and commerce.

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At the HOLONYNE MultiScreen Design, Production and Programming Studio in Los Angeles, they are developing the VIRTULARIUM® Theater, using WallSite® Videowall Programming Software and patent pending WallSite® Videowall Engine – creating the platform and developing the techniques to lead a revolution in how humans interact with complex digital display systems in the Virtual Age – without glasses or headsets.


The “mission statement” for the VIRTULARIUM® :

Create new experiences by using highly complex technology to connect people on the most human levels possible.

The VIRTULARIUM at InfoComm 2017 (in the NEC Display Solutions booth)

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The VIRTULARIUM at InfoComm 2017 – VR “Sharkality” content

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Jon appeared on ‘The AV Life’ podcast Episode 39: Going Inside the Minds of True Innovation to talk about VIRTULARIUM® in July 2017.

The AV Life Ep 39 screenshotTop row: Jon 9, Corey Moss, Richard Ventura (NEC Display Solutions). Bottom row: Randy Pagnan (rp Visual Solutions), Maria McKinsey (Brown Innovations), Katye McGregor Bennett

Listen to the latest episode of ‘The AV Life’ Episode 74: Time, Technology and Data – Factoring the Future of AV hosted by Jon 9, with co-hosts Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Michelle Loret and Brittney Lanni, and guests Richard Ventura, Randy Pagnan, Brandy Alvarado (rp Visual Solutions) and Cynthia Austwick (Green Hippo Media Technologies):

Part 1

Part 2

Jon 9 Ep 74 2

         Jon in-podcast – Episode 74

Below is content created by Jon 9 (on an original mosaic display at the rp Visual Solutions booth at DSE 2018) – you’ll hear him, and Brandy Alvarado at rp Visuals talking about it on episode 74 (Part 2). Jon works very closely with the company.

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and as for time…

New Years Eve 2018 (with “Inimitable Renaissance Man” Doc Phineas T. Kastle).


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Jon is an animal lover.

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Our #dog

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(With a comment by Jon – @yetiprotagonist that’s their “put down the f***ing camera and give us some snacks” look).

Check out some augmented reality:

One of Jon’s noted career experiences – he was Head of Video Dept., the Beatles: “LOVE” Cirque du Soleil, Las Vegas from Nov. 2005 – Dec. 2006.

projection scene Beatles Love.jpg

     Projection scene from The Beatles: “LOVE”

Finally, a selfie — Jon 9 style.

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Arthur C. Clarke postulated that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” He certainly must have had Jon 9 in mind.


Here is Jon’s LinkedIn profile. See more of Jon 9’s work (and personal life) on Instagram.

Update 4/17: Jon is Techno-Shaman at VIRTULARIUM. Jon Techno Shaman Virtularium.png


* Oxford Living Dictionaries