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Join the Crew Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Michelle Loret, (new member) Brittney Lanni, and guest host Jon 9 – CEO at Holonyne Corporation and Executive Director of VIRTULARIUM as they welcome their guests:

Rich Ventura – Vice President of Strategy at NEC Display Solutions

Randy Pagnan  – President at rp Visual Solutions (on call-in)

Brandy Alvarado – Marketing and Business Development Manager at rp Visual Solutions

Cynthia Austwick – Account Manager at Green Hippo Media Technologies, Inc.

Jon picks up the conversation with Randy and Brandy and talks about something that rp Visual Solutions displayed at the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) which Jon created the content for, and Brandy details and highlights it. Randy talks about platform and growing up in an age of information, this to go with processing data, the control room space, video walls and current enhanced data visualization capabilities. Rich also talks about the statement of content being king, referring here to data being the new currency – driving sales, delivering ROI and more, along with looking “beyond the screen.” Randy talks further about data and visualization, and Jon also puts a new spin on the content statement. Rich further expands on the data discussion here, to go along with privacy.

Jon then refers to “the attention economy” and how technology is evolving faster than society and culture has evolved to deal with it. Brittney expands on this, also talking about data, tools, visualization, time – and customer experience. Rich talks about Kroeger grocery stores (who were nominated for an APEX award at the DSE) compared to other grocery chains in terms of how they use sensors, data, content and more to drive the experience.

Finally, Jon gives a list of six emerging technologies, and asks each person to comment if these technologies are playing a role in their work and personal life. Listen to these excellent responses, which also follow along with the show’s theme.

Here is what was displayed at the rp Visual Solutions booth at DSE 2018 which Brandy discussed:

Sit back, plug in and we hope you enjoy this look at time, technology, data – factoring the future of AV as we live…

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