By Corey Moss

This week on ‘The AV Life,’ guest host Jon 9 asked me a question about AV and its future, to go along with the future of the podcast. I thought for a moment and gave my answer (which will be heard on Episode 74 next week). One thing I didn’t mention in terms of the evolution of the show (as it was positioned) was the addition of our new live events host – Brittney Lanni, who joined us for the very first time on this show as a Crew member. She brought great discussion to this one, and is very familiar with Green Hippo – Cynthia Austwick their account manager was a guest on the show (brought on by Jon 9). Brittney’s intrigue with what Jon 9 does as a creative technologist was a main reason for her wanting to be on this show as well (in fact, we were all intrigued with what Jon would bring as a host of the show).

There are numerous live events podcasts out there in the AV and staging world, we’ve been doing it for quite some time as a part of ‘The AV Life’ with Megan Powers, our former live events host, who is the host of the podcast Making a Marketer.

What does Brittney, who works for O’Keefe Communications in DC Metro bring as a live events podcast host? According to her profile on the OKC website:

Brittney moves at the speed of light. In one year, she produced over 20 multi-day conferences, special events, and award galas. Her background in live theater and years of experience in entertainment production make her an invaluable member of the OKC team. When Brittney isn’t in the office or bolting like lightening on-site, you can find her making beats on her drum kit or playing with her dog, Henry.

There you go. Her first show is scheduled for early May with her co-host (and co-worker) Rachel Schwerin. Stay tuned for that one. Make sure you check her (and the rest of the Crew) out on The AV Life Episode 74. *

Note: Brittney doesn’t have a Twitter account – we’ll work on that…

Check out the About Us page for information on the O’Keefe team (Cast of Characters).

* Update: You can hear The AV Life Episode 74 here

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