By Corey Moss

Last night I had a conversation with someone who I have become closely associated with – she called me after seeing a Twitter post I had made, LOL’ed a bit at it too. Others liked it. What they didn’t know is it came in a down moment for me, something I can mask pretty well most times, and other times not so much. We talked for a while, about many things including situations one might not talk about on a daily work basis. I hung up the phone with a good feeling – actually, it made my day.

Today I had an e-mail exchange with a very good friend, she reads me pretty well – like a book I’ll say. I had felt bad about missing the cutoff for the AVIXA Awards as there were certain people I had really wanted to nominate, however with all that has been going on, including preparation for and attending the Digital Signage Expo it had slipped my mind. It is my hope that those I wanted to nominate for Young AV Professional and Women in AV will be receiving those awards, they know who they are.

Last week I had finally met one of the women who I’ve only known on podcast and found out truly what an incredible person she is. Hard working, dedicated, a marketing person who helps drive the company. So many times marketing people are just looked upon as someone who puts out info like a programmed machine for sales. I’ve heard the talk, mostly by headstrong self-important fools.

And I call BS on that.

I’ve spent so much time getting to know women in marketing (and PR) to know better – many of them truly know their stuff and can have that conversation at a trade show. Women in Sales? Tech? Executives? I know them too, and they just plain get the job done. Some of my greatest industry conversations have come with many of these women.

Why do I bring up this conversation now, almost seemingly out of the blue? Honestly, without so many of these great women in AV and tech that have had an influence on my existence in the industry, whether as a co-worker, an associate, a fellow writer, a podcast partner, a former editor, or as a supporter of what I do whether in my former or current AV life – I don’t really know where I’d be today.

I think of a conversation I had about a recent digital signage podcast where I told someone who was supposed to be putting the show together for me, inviting the guests, that I wanted two particular guests to be on the show – one of them a woman who I think is such an incredible part of the industry, and its leadership. I was told “I’ll get back to you on that.” I said – No, she will be on and I ended up being given control of the guest selection back. Maybe it was sour grapes, I don’t know. But I know I don’t have time for sour grapes.

The Women of Digital Signage sold out their first breakfast at the Digital Signage Expo (see below image), it was certainly a momentous occasion for them. The AVIXA Women’s Council, whom I’ve been a supporter of since they began as Women of InfoComm, have made tremendous strides and their visibility continues to grow by leaps and bounds. This is no mistake at all, as the women who started it all with the groups have passionately continued to give of their time to go along with their daily responsibilities. I heard the story last week. Others who head up groups have displayed a lot of this same passion to go along with their jobs.

Women of DS breakfast

Volunteering and mentoring are so important for an industry that must attract people, especially young people looking for the right career. I met a young woman, a high school graduate at a recent AVIXA Women’s event here in Virginia who is looking at a possible career in AV, and she’s excited. You’ll hopefully hear from her soon on one of my podcasts.

As a long time member of the AV industry starting in commercial integration sales and now on the media side, I have had many associates and friends who are men and women. However with the many talented and passionate women in this industry whom I’ve come to know over the last several years, I feel that it’s time they stop having to seek support – that they ARE supported, period.

I attended the recent AVIXA Women’s event in VA for the DMV (Washington, DC Metro) Group – here’s the story.

I also attend the (AVIXA) Women’s InfoComm Breakfast every year – make sure you register for this important event.

AVIXA Women’s Council is here.

Women of DS is here.

Header image: WIN Breakfast 2017 – an accompanying story Find Your Tribe With Local AVIXA Women’s Council Groups by Cory Schaeffer. 

Me at Barco

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