Join host Corey Moss from the Digital Signage Expo which took place March 27th to 30th (exhibitors 28th and 29th) at the Las Vegas Convention Center as he talks with some of the exhibitors that you may or may not already know. Two of the exhibitors were in the Launch Pad area, highlighting smaller companies that are new to the DSE.

  1. Zytronic
  2. Ventus Global Networks
  3. Mappedin
  4. XOGO
  5. AdMobilize (also see associated story for this discussion).
  6. Glass-Media
  7. Wrap up with Jonathan Brawn, Principal at Brawn Consulting (and The AV Life Crew member) talking about the show, the Digital Signage Federation (DSF), some of ‘The AV Life’ DSE 2018 shows, a special hat, the DSE “experience” and two very special honors and awards – the DSF Geri Wolff Scholarship and the Alan C. Brawn Educator of the Year Award, which was also presented Alan.