Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Michelle Loret and Lauren Larson as they welcome their guests (with the regional groups they head up):

Brandy Alvarado – rp Visual Solutions (Southern California), Cory Schaeffer – QSC (Southern California), Christy Ricketts – Contemporary Research (Dallas with Lauren), Gina Sansivero – FSR, Inc. (New York City), Erica Carroll – Atlona (Atlanta), Debbie Williamson – Tempest Technologies (Pacific Northwest), Penny Sitler – Draper, Inc. (Chair of the AVIXA Women’s Council – who joined in progress).

The great women who were on this show (in podcast on Zoom):

Top: Brandy, Cory, Christy, Gina – Bottom: Katye, Lauren, Michelle, Erica

(Penny and Debbie were on call-in)

First as Cory points out, March is Women’s History Month.

After each of the guests introduce themselves (and the women who are Crew members do too), Brandy starts the show by talking about AVIXA Women and the groups across the country. Cory talks about how she wants to continue to see the present groups grow and gain membership, along with seeing more groups forming across the country. Cory also talks about wanting to see more women in tech roles, and mentions the support of a well known CEO in the industry too (and Michelle joins this conversation). Erica talks about being a qualified woman in tech in the industry, and having to prove herself at times (an old story already…).

Lauren talks about a recent event that took place in Dallas where Christy was the speaker for the evening. Christy talks about the AV community there as well as the group’s foundation, along with two of the women in the group – one who just passed her CTS and another who has a CTS-D. She also talked about one of the men who attended (and supports their efforts), and the others talk about this too.

Katye discusses how women should pay close attention to their professional profile, especially on LinkedIn, and Cory and Christy also talk about updating professional profiles. Christy also talks about the Career Empowerment Alliances. Gina talks about helping to start up the Boston group, along with what’s taking place in the New York area (and an event that is planned). Penny talks about all of the women who are involved and how proud she is of their efforts, as well as her role as the Chair of the Council. Debbie talks about the group in Seattle and a recent event.

Toward the end Cory gives a call to action about the AVIXA 2018 Women in AV Award, make sure you stick around to hear about it. Erica also gives the group a great statement, Christy and Brandy discuss it too – and Penny talks about the importance of getting credentials. Michelle, Lauren and Katye end the show with “the real deal.” 

Sit back, plug in, listen to a great show and attend one of the AVIXA Women’s Council events, or start up a group in your area if there isn’t one yet – and join us as we live…

The AV Life.


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