The first feature for Ella is a query-based, deep-learning time-lapse video compiler

IC Realtime, a leader in digital surveillance and security technology announces today that a time-lapse compiler and creation tool is the first feature update available for Ella, IC Realtime’s cloud-based deep-learning search engine solution that augments surveillance systems with natural language search capabilities.

Ella uses both algorithmic and deep learning tools to give any surveillance or security camera the ability to recognize objects, colors, people, vehicles, animals and more. Through Ella, users can search their entire library of recorded surveillance footage using natural language to find, review, and share desired video clips in seconds and now, users can create a time-lapse just as effortlessly.

Ella Screenshot_Police_High Res.jpg

With this new update, users can create a time-lapse video from a range of time or by a specific query to produce more detailed and relevant results. The same natural language processing included within Ella is leveraged to create time-lapse videos that can be specific to a certain object, color, or vehicle make and model. For example, a search run within Ella for “white truck January 1 – January 30” would display each individual video of “white trucks” seen by the Ella system within that allotted time frame. Within the Ella web-app, clicking “Create time-lapse” then compiles all those clips into one time-lapse video which is emailed directly to the user.

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The time-lapse video compiler tool is available now for Ella users and can be used system-wide across all Ella subscribed cameras to create a time-lapse from multiple cameras and viewpoints or, narrowed down to a single camera. Once the time-lapse video has been generated, users have the option of downloading the video or reviewing directly from the browser.

“Never before have customers had the ability to request and generate time-lapse videos within seconds and customize those time-lapse videos to narrow down the results down to very specific objects, colors, vehicles, or user-created zones,” said Matt Sailor, CEO for IC Realtime. “One area where we see great opportunity is within the construction market for customers interested in monitoring construction sites to ensure personnel safety but also want to create easy-to-view time-lapse videos that showcase job-site progress or start-to-finish projects. This new feature can also be used by new or existing customers who need to monitor sensitive or restricted access areas and produce time-lapse videos across a day, week, month, or any duration of time.”

Ella works with both existing DIY and professionally installed surveillance and security cameras and is comprised of an on-premise video gateway device and the cloud platform subscription. Ella subscription pricing starts at $6.99 per month and increases with storage and analysis features needed for the particular scope of each project. The recently launched time-lapse creation tool for Ella can be used by all users for a minimal on-demand fee that will be added on a per-use basis to the user’s monthly subscription cost. To learn more about Ella, visit

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