Manufacturer’s rep firms expand Listen Technologies’ presence in the U.S., promote newest assistive listening products

Listen Technologies, a leading provider of assistive listening products for more than 18 years, has partnered with two new manufacturer’s representative firms that will market its products to systems integrators, professional audio retailers, consultants and customers in the Midwestern and Southeastern United States. Excellence Marketing and HWPco have more than 70 years of combined experience as professional sound products representatives. They will help Listen Technologies expand its national presence and continue to deliver clear sound to people in environments where hearing is difficult.

Minnesota-based Excellence Marketing Inc. represents manufacturers of audio, video, live and recorded sound products in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and western Wisconsin. HWPco represents AVL (audio, video, lighting) manufacturers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

Both manufacturer’s representative firms will sell Listen Technologies’ full portfolio of assistive listening products, including ListenRF, ListenIR, ListenLOOP, ListenTALK and the new Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies.

“Excellence Marketing and HWPco are leaders in their industry, renowned for professionalism and customer service that stem from their extensive knowledge of audio products and commitment to delivering superior listening experiences in every situation,” said Russ Gentner, president and CEO of Listen Technologies. “Listen Technologies is proud to partner with these two firms and welcomes Excellence Marketing and HWPco to our esteemed network of distributors.”

World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 360 million people worldwide, or more than five percent of the global population, suffer from disabling hearing loss.

“Whether hearing loss is congenital, the result of aging, exposure to loud noise, or attributable to poor acoustics in a room, Listen Technologies has a solution that delivers clear sound to users,” said Ken Simons, President, Excellence Marketing. “Excellence Marketing is thrilled to represent Listen Technologies and include its products in our mix of solutions for systems integrators and audio consultants seeking best-in-class assistive listening systems.”

“HWPco is excited to partner with Listen Technologies to bring its assistive listening products to customers throughout the Southeastern United States,” said Marcus Myers, Principal, HWPco. “Everyone deserves to hear clearly and enjoy the beauty of intelligible sound delivered directly into the ear. Listen Technologies is unrivaled in its product offerings and their ability to help people hear in any setting.”

Listen Technologies’ assistive listening product applications include classrooms, courtrooms, guided tours, houses of worship, restaurants and bars, waiting rooms and language interpretation.

About Excellence Marketing

Excellence Marketing, Inc. is a Minnesota-based independent manufacturer’s representative firm serving the Upper Midwest and MidAmerica regions of the United States. Excellence Marketing is dedicated to marketing professional audio and video related equipment and professional sound products to qualified authorized resellers for the purposes of resale, installation and integration.

About HWPco

HWP company was founded in 1970 as a manufacturer’s representative in the Southeast. The company continues to represent multiple manufacturers across a myriad of disciplines within the categories of Audio, Video, Infrastructure and Security. Its mission is to bring quality products and solutions, coupled with technical expertise, to its many industry partners and customers. For more information, visit

About Listen Technologies

Listen Technologies believes all people deserve to hear the world around them. The company’s assistive listening products equip users with the personalized solutions they need to listen and engage in environments where hearing is difficult, whether they are in a house of worship, tour group, fitness center, stadium or other venue. Listen Technologies sets the standard for innovation as it develops products that minimize noise, distance, clashing conversations, hearing loss and other audio challenges. To learn more about how Listen Technologies provides a better way to hear the world, visit