The new apps for Microsoft Windows 10-based devices and iPhones feature Prysm’s latest software release, connecting the Prysm experience to employees, regardless of device preference or location 

Amsterdam (ISE Booth #11-C150), Feb. 6, 2018

 Prysm, Inc., a leading digital workplace platform provider, announced the general availability this month of two new native apps for its visual collaboration solution: one for Microsoft Windows 10-based devices and the other for iPhones. These two apps extend the power of the Prysm work experience seamlessly from mobile device to desktop to conference room. Today’s enterprises require collaboration solutions that can be easily tailored to each employee’s specific workstyle and preferences to increase meaningful engagement. Prysm addresses this critical market need as it enables all users to visualize and interact simultaneously with content and to participate in meetings in the way that keeps them most engaged and creating value for their company.

The company will showcase the apps along with other demonstrations, and participate in a series of speaking opportunities at ISE 2018.

With Prysm for Desktop, you can now:

  • Connect your team with shared visual workspaces where everyone is empowered to bring relevant content and ideas into focus across virtually any screen size, from the corner coffee shop to the boardroom
  • Collaborate with participants regardless of their work location and consolidate status updates, feedback and action items for subsequent review and prioritization according to your schedule
  • Share any desktop or web application alongside files, notes and sketches and enable your team to focus on the information that matters to accelerate critical decisions

With Prysm for iPhone, you can now:

  • Engage in Prysm projects while mobile or in-room to speed decisions
  • Easily share files, website content or other apps to visual workspaces
  • Add ideas and notes directly to Prysm projects to enhance collaboration
  • View project files up close during collaboration sessions
  • Quickly and securely log in to Prysm-enabled displays directly from an iPhone

“For employees, it is no longer about where they work, but how they can best interact and share the right content to drive the right decisions. Through the release of our new apps for Windows 10-based devices and iPhones, we are enabling enterprises to instill into their culture a customized collaboration experience, where employees can personalize their work experiences from any location or device,” said Paige O’Neill, CMO, Prysm. “During ISE 2018, we’ll showcase how our new offerings and full digital workplace platform empower workstyle customization to drive individual productivity and, ultimately, business success.”

The desktop app will support Microsoft Windows 10-powered devices with plans to expand to other devices in 2018. The apps will be free to download from the Windows 10 Microsoft Store and the Apple App Store. A subscription to Prysm’s digital workplace platform is required. Prysm for iPhone requirements include support for the iPhone 6 and up, iOS 10.2+ and Prysm in-room v2.12+. Additional information on the iPhone app can be found here. Details on the Windows 10 desktop app can be accessed here.

Prysm ISE 2018 Speaking Opportunities and Demos:


Prysm will showcase its new business apps for Windows 10-based devices and iPhones.

Additionally, the company will demonstrate its Winter ’17 software release, which includes a next-generation digital sketchboard. Prysm’s new sketchboard goes far beyond competing solutions, as it allows multi-directional, real-time collaboration for disparate meeting participants along with a natural writing experience, multi-directional resizing, and ability to zoom in and out of the experience for maximum use case flexibility.

Prysm will also highlight how its visual collaboration platform can support virtually any use case and team, including everyday meetings, brainstorming, new product introduction, command centers and experience centers, among others.

Prysm technology will be featured in the following partner booths:

  • Avocor: Booth #13-C110
  • Leyard and Planar, a Leyard Company: Booth #12-H80
  • Unilumin Group Co., Ltd: Booth #12-F60
  • Urben: Booth #14-A140

Speaking Opportunities:  

  • David Schweer, director of product marketing, Prysm, will speak on “Millennials are killing everything but meetings…and that’s a problem” on Wednesday, Feb. 7, at 2:30 p.m. CET in the Unified Communications Theatre and “Yes, your employees do hate meetings: how your company culture might be crippling your success” on Thursday, Feb. 8, at 10:30 a.m. CET, also in the Unified Communications Theatre.
  • Adam Cuzzort, CTO, solutions, Prysm, will present on the topic of “Here’s why it’s time to start customising your collaboration solutions” on Wednesday, Feb. 7, at 5 p.m. CET in the Unified Communications Theatre.

For additional updates from Prysm at ISE 2018, follow the company on Twitter at @PrysmInc. The company will also be posting live image updates from the show floor on its Flickr page.

About Prysm

Prysm is a leading provider of cloud-based, digital workplace solutions to many of the world’s largest global enterprises. The Prysm digital workplace platform drives a new era of digital transformation and enterprise agility. By enabling individuals and teams to explore all their data, content, applications and tools on hyper-visual, always-on digital canvases, Prysm ignites innovative thinking, drives decisions, accelerates productivity and transforms presentations into experiences. Customers using Prysm benefit from an open, enterprise-grade solution that integrates with existing collaboration tools and scales to hundreds or thousands of users.

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