Ashton Bentley room systems enhance the Cisco Spark Room, SX and MX systems by allowing the control of 4K content (for presentation and sharing) via the Touch 10 control surface.

With Cisco’s latest release of “In Room Control”, Ashton Bentley meeting space systems now communicate directly with the Cisco Touch 10 control surface providing seamless integration and control of multiple presentation inputs.

When connected to the Cisco codec, Ashton Bentley automatically populates the Cisco Touch 10 panel with laptop and auxiliary input selection buttons allowing the Cisco touch 10 to provide complete room control without custom programming or additional control processors.

Ashton Bentley input signal detection ensures that only when a signal is present does the option to share appear on the Touch 10. This makes presenting and sharing simple and intuitive, allowing users to only select laptops and auxiliary inputs that are connected and ready to share.

Seamless integration of the Cisco SX and Spark Room product range within Ashton Bentley 4K meeting space systems, and the enhancement of Cisco MX with single cable table connectivity, provides a unique solution for the connection of multiple laptops, auxiliary devices, microphones and the Touch 10.

Harnessing the simplicity of the Ashton Bentley user experience enhances any Cisco videoconferencing system by providing 4K presentation connectivity from multiple inputs. Both simple to set up and use.

Ashton Bentley design and manufacture complete meeting space audio-visual systems and tables with integrated technology for presentations and collaboration. Although highly specified the systems are very simple to use. Simply add a codec/camera to enable high quality videoconferencing. Supplied off-the-shelf complete with all you need, ready to assemble and set to work in hours not days. No tools required.