By Corey Moss

If you listen to our ‘The AV Life’ ISE shows, one common theme for Katye McGregor Bennett and I is that this is the most wonderful time of the year for us. We do the holiday show every year now in mid-December, the 2017 version even better that the last, however for us there is no time of the year that matches Integrated Systems Europe time. Our planning for this year’s podcasts began in late December determining who we wanted to have on the shows, how many we would do, and of course organizing the show as we did last year with the Executives of ISE.

We do talk with the exhibitors, as well as the executives about the show, the overview, along with what they will be doing there, however with that we do have fun – and as you’ll hear one of the executives say on the show it’s necessary with all of the hard work that’s put in. I know of the long hours in commercial integration being a part of it for almost 15 years, and the necessity of hanging out with the co-workers and having a beer – even with the owner of the company. He liked to do that every once in a while as a bonus for all of the hard work.

And yes, we will drink a beer while doing the show (in the evening) and we have two of the industry’s foremost craft beer aficionados as Crew members, the Brawns – and if you don’t yet know about Jonathan’s craft beer expertise, tune in when we’re talking about beers on the show to hear about it. In fact, the guests will join us with a beer or a glass of wine – and we have a name for the water drinkers, they’re the designated podcasters. One of mine and Katye’s favorite jokes on the show.

Just think about it, when you’re at a trade show be it ISE, InfoComm or any other – the best networking will take place during a happy hour, or even after hours. Comfortable, relaxed and able to talk more unreserved – that’s how we do it on ‘The AV Life,’ even on the daytime shows (just no beers).

Katye and I do like to add new Crew members as we go, and even better, they each bring something different to the table – industry knowledge and personality-wise as well. As for just how many in total with guests will join us on a show, that’s actually an indeterminate number. Fourteen is the record so far (Episode 61). I will look to exceed that (not a problem at all with Zoom).

Our podcast “journey” to ISE 2018 began with two exhibitor shows – one in the daytime with global guests, and one that night with guests in the U.S.

Episode 64: Getting Together to Talk on the Road to AV Utopia – ISE 2018 (Part 1)

With Rich Ventura of NEC Display Solutions, Peter Herr of Shure, Michael Vanderheeren of Barco, Tim Stone of Polycom, Adrian Doughty of Nureva and Bob Sharp of Utelogy. 

Episode 64: Getting Together to Talk on the Road to AV Utopia – ISE 2018 (Part 2)

With Brady Bruce of InFocus, David Schweer of Prysm, Joe Chordas of ZeeVee and Greg Mattson of QSC. 

Then the executives.

Episode 65: A Great Time Talking with the Executives of ISE 2018

With Mike Blackman – Managing Director at Integrated Systems Events, Dave Labuskes – CEO at AVIXA and Dave Pedigo – Vice President, Emerging Technologies at CEDIA.

Two “special” The AV Life shows.

A ‘The AV Life’ Special – New Crew Members Talk About Going to ISE 2018

With Michelle Loret and Jared Huet.  

A ‘The AV Life’ Special – The Final Stop on the Road to ISE 2018

With Paul Zielie of Harman and Mike Maniscalco. 

That’s it, onto ISE. For us, it is the most wonderful time of the year – as we believe it is for the global AV industry. The holidays do run a close second though.

Me at Barco

With over 20 years in audio visual integration and IT/computer sales and consulting, Corey Moss is the owner of Convergent AV. Corey writes for the publication and hosts/produces podcasts – The AV Life, The Collaboration Factor and Convergent Tech Talk. He has written for numerous industry publications about AV, IT, unified communications and collaboration (UCC), cloud and software, IoT, cybersecurity and more. He has also conducted interviews with AV and IT executives and global influencers. Find him talking about a whole lot of things, tech and otherwise.