On this fifth episode, host Corey Moss is joined by David Anderson, President at Mimo Monitors.

Mimo Monitors, a manufacturer of small touchscreens (ranging from 7-21 inches) for conference rooms, digital signage and more, believes the world should be more interactive, and provide you with the best user experience possible. Their motto is ‘We Believe In Touchscreens With Human Touch.’

In October, 2017 Google launched a new hardware kit for Hangouts Meet which included Mimo Monitors’ newest Product, Mimo Vue Capture Capacitive touch display (and Huddly 4K camera).  The Mimo Vue Capture Capacitive touch display, serving as the kit’s controller, is a 10.1” touchscreen monitor specifically created to be a conference room interface. This touchscreen controller allows meeting attendees to go straight to meetings booked in Google Calendar with a single tap, present to the room or Hangouts Meet directly via HDMI, and record the meeting to Google Drive for later records. An easy-to-use UI allows participants to adjust the camera, mute, view meeting details and more, vastly simplifying meetings.

In November, David wrote an article “The Modern Conference Room Revelation You Need to Know” which became the basis for this discussion. Listen to David talk about:

  • the company
  • the small interactive display, collaboration and the huddle room
  • creation of the Google Hangouts Meet hardware kit with the Mimo Vue Capture Capacitive touch display
  • Mimo Monitors, collaboration and the user experience
    benefits for the end user
  • the article (including their partnership with Logitech).