Head of Powersoft SpA Deva-division – Karl Kahlau, brings to life the power and possibilities of Deva’s networked, multimedia system for site-wide integration in professional installations, in a seminar hosted at this year’s Integrated Systems Europe (Amsterdam RAI, 6-9 February 2018).

Entitled ‘Using Powersoft Deva networked multimedia system as the new generation of information systems in professional installations’, the 30mn session will take place in the AVIXA Unified Communications Theatre at ISE2018 on Thursday, 8th of February at 10am.

This seminar will detail the benefits of flexibility, scalability, important feedback and the healthy ROI which can be obtained from the implementation of Powersoft’s Deva, viewed from the investment perspective of venue owners and operators.

As a professional-grade, networked IoT multimedia system, Deva brings information, entertainment, data gathering and safety capabilities to a variety of installations, including hotels and resorts, public places, ski resorts, theme parks, zoos, arenas and more. Whether it’s to broadcast music, distribute emergency or advertisement announcements, monitor control and gather environmental data, capture videos or images, or simply offer information to the public, Deva does it all in a compact IP65-rated enclosure. It can be powered either by using standard power adapter, PoE or optional solar panel.

Kahlau, with two decades of experience in electronically steerable, self-powered and networked loudspeaker systems, highlights the advantages of implementing a system of interactive and multitasking business services. The seminar is tailored for consultants, venue owners and operators, looking to invest in the new generation of on-site information systems.

Supported by recent case-study applications, Kahlau will walk through the flexible and networked infrastructure of Deva providing a backbone for a multitude of services. He will further detail Deva’s ability to deliver critical business-related functionality that includes, site-wide and fully-zoneable paging and musical distribution, environmental understanding and control, security and advanced videoanalysis, crowd control, smart reactional behavior, and much more.

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For more information on Deva: http://deva.powersoft.it/