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Join the Crew host Corey MossKatye McGregor Bennett, Alan Brawn, Jonathan BrawnMichelle Loret and guest Crew member Paul Zielie as they welcome their guests:

Brady Bruce – Chief Marketing Office at InFocus

Joseph Chordas – Vice President, North American Sales and Marketing at ZeeVee

David Schweer – Director Product Marketing at Prysm

Greg Mattson – Control Product Manager at QSC

Two things to know here – the Brawns are back bringing what the Brawns bring, and to know Paul Zielie is… to know Paul Zielie. You’ll get it.

We begin the conversation talking beers (and the Super Bowl), and each of the Crew and guests tell what they’ve brought to this one – beginning with The AV Life craft beermeisters the Brawns of course.

The exhibitor discussion begins with Brady Bruce talking about the just announced Jupiter PixelNet 2.0 distributed display wall system (update to the award-winning Jupiter PixelNet solution) , as well as talking about major announcements concerning projectors, Mondopad and ConX Cloud. Joe Chordas talks about ZeeVee, a manufacturer that has gained prominence in the industry in AV over IP, hiring on a new marketing executive, along with the company celebrating their 10th year bringing their AVoIP solution. Joe also talks about being one of the founding members of the SDVoE Alliance, and looking forward to discussing the Alliance it at ISE. Michelle talks about ZeeVee, and Alan talks about expanding communication paths and the experience, along with getting on board with AVoIP. Joe joins in too, Jonathan and Brady cap off this discussion.

Greg Mattson talks about QSC Q-SYS Core DSPs and control, the sub-segment of the company which he is responsible for, along with discussing adopting more IT standards and adapting, as is continuous conversation in the industry. Corey talks about some of his conversations with QSC over the last two years, and Greg then talks about providing more robust software solutions for the AV industry.

Michelle then challenges Greg with a question, and a small “fight” breaks out at that point (no not between Pats and Eagles fans) which led to a bet, and remember we said… to know Paul Zielie? Actually, it turned into a very good and insightful conversation about real-time OS, dedicated hardware, networks, and more with Paul, Greg, Michelle and Brady. Listen in to this one.

David Schweer then discusses visual collaboration at Prysm, their software platform and moving away from proprietary hardware along with supporting other’s interactive display hardware. He also talks about IT being driven by end users, bring your own device and not being a “closed shop.”

There’s ISE discussion brought by the guests of course – Brady talks about what to look for with Canvas, MondoPad and Catalyst (and some major projector discussion too), followed by Joe Chordas discussing new ZeeVee AV distribution products, as well as solutions for medical (and some RAI foodie treat talk), David Schweer talks about solutions as well as sessions that Prysm will be participating in (two that he is doing – one about “the meeting”) – and a coffee bar, and Greg talks about booth tours and presentations, he will be doing those on control offerings followed by a final tech conversation – about Python, Lua and JavaScript. and a closing thought from Alan Brawn.

We hope you enjoy this AV/IT journey to the industry’s biggest show of the year – sit back, plug in, and get on board while we live…

The AV Life.


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