On this fourth episode, host Corey Moss is joined by Nancy Knowlton, President and CEO at Nureva.


Imagine where creative collaboration could take you

Create the physical and virtual collaboration spaces that make it easier for groups to invent, plan and act. With Nureva, visualizing every leap of the imagination and hearing every aha moment becomes possible. Find the solutions you need to accomplish truly incredible things – together.

This is Nureva’s message, and as a company they are dedicated to making the customer’s collaboration process a team experience, allowing for true creativity. Innovation and ideation are always key to the company’s approach.

Nureva offers two products for the market – Nureva visual collaboration solution *, and the HDL300 advanced audio conferencing system with Microphone Mist™  technology. Both solutions aid in the processes of collaborative work, and collaborative learning.

The conversation begins as Corey asks Nancy about her industry background and experience, of course with reference to the company she and Dave Martin are well-known for finding in 1987, introducing the first interactive whiteboard to the market in 1991. The conversation continues with “collaboration tool” discussion, along with enhancing collaboration in the business space and the impetus for finding Nureva. Next is discussion about the Nureva solution (as Nancy compares to the SMART Board) as relates to the business environment and usage especially of sticky notes, and how interactive displays didn’t truly support that process. Along with the development of a ‘digital canvas’ for collaboration, she also talks about usage of personal devices and how this was a part of the thought processalong with the creation of specialized tool sets. 


Visual collaboration and cloud-based canvas are discussed next where innovation is talked about, combining elements into a brand new concept. End users are bringing in cloud-based solutions to their technology environments, and there is discussion of that here, with relation to adoption, developing new ideas, as well as need for security.

Next they discuss the HDL300 system, its development, and just how this product has brought a change to the market in terms of audio conferencing systems. Discussion of the UC&C platforms that HDL300 work with is also a part of this conversation, along with playing audio from other sources. Nancy also adds discussion of AI, along with voice control technology.


There is some partnership discussion, along with Nureva and digital transformation related to processes and design thinking. The discussion closes with talk about ISE2018 as Nancy details what Nureva is looking forward to accomplishing when exhibiting at the show.


*The Span hardware system, referred to in the podcast, is now the Nureva Wall, the software is the Span visual collaboration software (or Span software) and combined, it’s the Nureva visual collaboration solution (or the Nureva solution). This will be rolling out for ISE 2018 (Nureva will have the website updated as well).