By Convergent AV

We begin the launch of ‘The AV Life’ podcasts on Convergent AV for ISE 2018 with this one, as host Corey Moss gets together with two of the new Crew members – Jared Huet in Dublin, Ireland (whose first show was Episode 60) and Michelle Loret in Houston, Texas (who will do her first show this week).

First you’ll get to know Jared and Michelle along with what they do in the industry. Then you’ll hear both of them talk about going to ISE, Jared from the perspective of someone who has been attending the show regularly, and Michelle who is attending for the first time. They both compare and contrast ISE with InfoComm as well.

All talk about AVIXA and their major presence at the show, along with some discussion of TIDE. Jared and Michelle talk about certain exhibitors and technologies they’re looking forward to seeing – Jared also points to AV over IP as something that he’s really looking forward to learning more about, and Michelle is an AVoIP evangelist who also discusses certain geographic areas of the world where it is big. Corey then brings up virtual reality, and asks both about their thoughts on it as well as going to ISE with this and other technologies in mind to talk with the exhibitors.

Michelle then talks about what she is looking to do when she’s in Amsterdam, including doing some coverage of the show for Convergent AV and The AV Life. Listen for the hashtag to go along with this. Jared will be looking forward to doing some of his own coverage as a regular attendee along with being in the business.

There’s a final discussion about that long time question concerning AV and IT – including conversation about a major industry manufacturer.

To go along with some fun discussion, they also talk about certain “specialties” that are available in Amsterdam (including a great ‘experience’), as well as at ISE.


Stay tuned this week for our Pre-ISE 2018 The AV Life shows!