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In the first story, numerous AV industry insiders provided their thoughts on the title subject.

So many in the audio visual industry have their perspectives on what life is like as a part of it, from sales to engineering to operations to project management to tech to programming. Marketing and communications people have a special job in terms of helping their manufacturing or integration company to thrive. Those who are in the meeting and events space provide essential services in many different scenarios.

There are those who go to the trade shows as exhibitors and attendees, strive to better themselves through education and certification, and volunteer to support, share knowledge, and give back to the industry they consider a big part of their life.

That’s the AV Life.

In this continuation, here are more comments from those who have been a part of ‘The AV Life’ podcast:

Cory Schaeffer, Director, Systems Solutions Global Enterprise Accounts at QSC (Guest on episodes 30, 49, 57 and 61):

The AV Life is a passionate supportive tribe, focused on creating experiences that enhance our lives.

Brady O. Bruce, CMO, InFocus Corp (Guest on episodes 12, 29 and 38):

The AV Life is about working with smart customers with big ambitions to create solutions that amaze and delight them.

Peter Herr, Associate Director, Global Marketing, Systems Group at Shure Incorporated (Guest on episodes 38, and 44):

The AV Life is all about building and maintaining relationships with AV gurus that are committed to creating and sharing what’s next!

Stephanie Gutnik, Vice President, Business Development at Broadsign (Guest on episodes 33 and 53):

The AV Life describes a thriving global ecosystem. Based on a foundation of silicon and code, the AV Life enables ever-evolving experiences made possible by the curious and creative minds of the clever folks I proudly refer to as cohorts.

Joseph Kolchinsky, Founder, CEO at OneVision Resources (Guest on episodes 42 and 48):

The AV Life is always on, ever evolving, and full of surprises – just like the tech it represents.

Mike Maniscalco, Co-founder of Ihiji (Guest on episodes 24 and 45):

The AV Life is a community of passionate and like-minded people coming together to discuss trends, technology and, of course, beer, in a fun yet extremely informative format.

Dayna Baumann, Customer Relationship Manager at Control Concepts (Guest on episodes 29, 46, 52 and 61):

The AV life, though at times chaotic and demanding, is also just so grand, as it covers so much ground, talent and opportunities. Whether you’re on the hands-on technical side, or the design or supportive side, the industry stretches quite wide with yet a small community feel. 

Katye McGregor Bennett, CEO|Chief Strategist at KMB Communications (Crew member, Host of The AV Life):

The AV Life is is a challenging, inspiring, and fun exploration of the inner workings and incredible innovations being brought to market by brands, technologies, and individuals of the AV industry. 

Sandy Ciarlo Client Services Account Coordinator at Advanced AV  (Former Crew member of The AV Life)

The AV Life is real talk about real stories and products that keep you in the know. It’s like mixing a cake. A cup of this, a dash of that, a pinch of wow with added love and laughter.

We hope you enjoyed all of these perspectives, there will be more down the line.