Join host Katye McGregor Bennett as she welcomes the CEDIA 2018 Board of Directors guests:

Executive Committee:

Dennis Erskine (Chairperson) – President, Erskine Group, Inc. (Vancouver, WA)

Omar Hikal (Secretary) – Principal, Archimedia (Cairo, Egypt)


Henry Clifford – Owner, Livewire, LLC (Richmond, VA)

Rob Sutherland – Managing Director at Inspired Dwellings (London, United Kingdom)

Joe Whitaker – Founder/President at The Thoughtful Home (Creve Coeur, MO)

Newly Elected Board Directors:

Heather Sidorowicz – President/Owner at Southtown Audio Visual (Hamburg, NY)

Matt Scott – President at Omega Audio Visual (London, Canada Area)

The CEDIA Board of Directors defines the association’s vision and identifies its strategic direction. These leaders continually connect with members to make sure CEDIA’s strategic principles remain relevant and are adaptable to our members’ changing needs.

The CEDIA Board of Directors is elected by the membership. Once elected, directors serve a two year term. Directors may not serve more than three consecutive terms.

After introducing the guests and having them tell something about themselves, Katye talks with those on the show who will be continuing their service on the CEDIA Board about being a part of the Board, and perspectives on the global organization. The two new Board Directors, Heather Sidorowicz (the first woman to serve on CEDIA’s Board) and Matt Scott enter the discussion as Katye asks all about lessons they’ve learned in the industry along the way, to go along with advice they have for those in the business.

Finally, Katye talks about how CEDIA members should view the 2018 Board and addresses numerous topics in the discussion. Make sure you listen to Dennis Erskine at the end talk about Heather and Matt joining the Board, and both of them talking about what it means to them.

The three elected Directors (including Ken Erdmann) begin their terms January 1, 2018.

Press release: CEDIA Announces 2018 Elected Directors

Here is the CEDIA Board of Directors page.

Sit back, plug in and enjoy a very insightful (along with a bit of fun) show with the 2018 CEDIA Board of Directors as we live…

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