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On this third episode, host Corey Moss is joined by:

David Schweer – Director Product Marketing at Prysm Inc.

Laura Yaghnam SHRM-CP, PHR – HR Generalist at Prysm Inc.

David begins the discussion talking about what’s currently happening at Prysm, and then he and colleague, Laura will cover the following topics:

  • How Prysm leverages its digital workplace platform internally to improve meeting culture and how people work well together
  • How, specifically, the HR team uses Prysm and how the platform has helped the onboarding process of new employees
  • How Prysm has helped to foster relationships across teams
  • How the company sees Prysm changing HR practices (outside of Prysm) in the future

From the Prysm blog Is Your Company Losing Money on Its Remote Employees?:

Research* shows that approximately 65% of enterprise meetings now include remote participants. The reasons are obvious, including endeavoring to leverage a diverse global workforce, saving money on office overhead, and — in some cases — taking advantage of less expensive local labor.

If your company employs remote teams, is it putting effort towards auditing the success of these programs? Are you realizing the expected ROI?

Over a period of six months, according to the blog, Prysm interviewed a number of people who regularly attended meetings with remote participants and were asked about the meeting experience, productivity, decision making, and more. When discussing this, David talks about some of “those words” that are used to describe meetings.

One collective response:

  • The length of these formal meetings and lack of visual tools frequently causes people to tune out, which results in poor retention of meeting content and decisions made (so they hold more meetings to compensate).

David and Laura also cover how Prysm’s digital workplace platform is used by the company to successfully enhance meetings and the overall company culture on a global basis – as well as how Prysm can do this for any company or organization.

Prysm digital workplace.png

*Prysm Enterprise Meeting Survey (n=1,600), 2017