Join the Crew Corey Moss and Justin Rexing as they welcome their guest:

Paul Zielie – Manager, Enterprise Solutions at Harman International

Paul, Justin and Corey

On the newly “rebranded” The AV Life podcast, (globally) well-known AV and IT Systems Engineer Paul Zielie joins Corey and Justin to talk about numerous subjects, beginning with Paul’s trip to InfoComm India and his thoughts and perspectives on the show (and Mumbai, where it took place). Corey asks Paul about shows and trends in certain other world markets (Paul also attended Integrate in Australia), along with global industry growth. Justin asks Paul about the effect of globalization concerning jobs, as well as production in and outside of the U.S.

Corey then asks Paul about certain technologies and trends in India. Following that is discussion on global AV industry outlook and trends, in part based on the industry organization AVIXA Global AV Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis, a report providing an economic outlook through 2022 for the AV industry worldwide.

There’s talk of hardware and more, and then there’s the zero-latency discussion…

After this is a discussion focused on IT and some opinions — facts — brought by Justin, who is a tech manager at Western Kentucky University, which Paul of course joins in on. As for Justin, he’ll tell you exactly what he is and what he does – or let’s say #Justinfacts.

While most of the Crew was off for this one, you’ll hear an excellent discussion targeted to the topics with Paul, Corey and Justin.

Sit back, plug in, and enjoy the show as we live…

The AV Life.


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