On this second episode, host Corey Moss is joined by Darcy Harrell, Channel Development Director, Innovation Waves at Plantronics.

Darcy Harrell headshot

Open office environments are, as many know, becoming more the norm these days in companies of all sizes. While two of the largest reasons for implementing this type of environment are enhanced collaboration and teamwork, research shows that such benefits of an open office design can be offset by numerous distractions, one of the primary being noise.

In July, Plantronics introduced Habitat Soundscaping™, an intelligent acoustic management service that helps transform distracting open office spaces into peaceful environments where people can focus and collaborate – and in essence create a better opportunity to thrive. The service uses nature-inspired audio and visuals, coupled with intelligent software to mitigate distractions due to speech – the most common complaint employees have about their open workspaces.

Habitat Soundscaping brings these natural elements into the workplace to create an immersive experience, where people will want to come to work, along with feeling energized. Biophilia hypothesis suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life, and certain studies have shown that workplaces with a connection to nature find that it helps improve mood, working memory and cognitive functioning.

Darcy also talks about channel partners as well as future developments in this discussion.

Habitat Soundscaping
Rendering of a Habitat Soundscaping installation

Listen to a very good discussion on a new technological approach to mitigating distractions in open office environments for more focused work and collaboration.


Here is the Plantronics Habitat Soundscaping press release.

(Note: It was stated at the beginning of the podcast that this announcement was made in August, it was at the end of July).