Join The Crew host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Alan Brawn, Jonathan Brawn, Megan Powers, Justin Rexing and Jen Cole as they welcome their guests:

Bryan Meszaros – CEO at OpenEye Global

Steven Picanza – CMO at OpenEye Global

Bryan and Steven in podcast

Cory Schaeffer – Director Systems Solutions – Global Enterprise Accounts at QSC

Christina Engh – COO at UASolutions Group

Cory and Christina in podcast

The show begins of course with Corey naming some of the Twitter followers of @The_AVLife, and then he mentions two upcoming industry events – the Almo Pro A/V E4 AV Tour in Irvine, CA and the Technology and Business Summit in NY and NJ.

The conversation begins with Bryan and Steven talking about what’s currently going on with OpenEye Global in their fast-moving digital world along with creating experiences, along with a discussion of their brand/mascot Pyxel (on Steven’s hat in the picture). Cory then discusses what’s taking place at QSC where she talks about AVC “platform vs. product” and the user experience, as well as CEO Joe Pham’s industry leadership. There’s also an AVIXA conversation that Cory introduces.

The AVIXA conversation has also expanded to AVIXA/Alexa – in fact it took place on this show. Find out more as Cory makes a revolutionary discovery.

And speaking of AVIXA, Corey wore the hat:

me AVIXA hat podcast.png

After Cory has to check out early (with a lotta love), at the midway point Corey announces the Twitter followers who will be receiving stroopwafel care packages – listen in to find out who won (along with a grand prize winner).

Christina joins Bryan and Steven to talk with the Crew about what’s taking place in her drones life, there’s also talk of drones and digital signage which includes Intel discussion as well.

Toward the end, The Crew member marketers of ‘Making a Marketer’ Megan Powers and Jen Cole take over talking with the OpenEye Global guys about brand. An excellent closing discussion, also closed by a great statement from Alan.

So sit back, plug in and enjoy the experience as you live…

The AV Life.


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(Note: There is a bit of “language,” there was also a guess The Big Cheese game, and this is episode 49. You just have to listen…).