By Joyce Nemenyi

Collaboration means different things to different people, which is why it’s important to distinguish not only what it means to you personally but how you choose to practice it. For example, collaboration for some can range from a simple 2-person hallway discussion to a message chat within a small office to a full-blown video chat with multiple parties in a large conference space. With so many diverse possibilities, choosing the right furniture to accomplish the main objective of a collaborative session is important.

Modular Tables: Multi-Purpose & Versatile

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Modular, sectional or nesting tables are a perfect solution for smaller spaces without a dedicated meeting area or for customers with multi-purpose rooms. Configuration of each piece can be done a variety of ways to compliment the available space. For example, tables can be designed to fit one or two people and then positioned in different arrangements to create a larger conference table. Power and cable boxes can be connected via a daisy chain cord system. Tables can include hardware to snap together and prevent shift during use. Specifying a nesting solution also provides an easy way to move the furniture out of the way when not in use.

Huddle Tables: Small, Impromptu Meetings

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Even if your office doesn’t have a dedicated meeting space, specifying a small huddle table creates a go-to area for a small 2-4 person meeting. Design the top shape around the confines of your room. To create a more one-on-one engaging atmosphere, choose a round huddle table sized to the numbers of presenters. You can also specify a d-shape design that sit against a wall. This set-up is perfect for video chats or information display when there is a monitor attached to the wall.

Conference Tables: Formal, Dedicated Space

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For applications where a room will be used exclusively for meetings and company discussions, a custom conference table is preferable. Tables can be designed at any size depending on seated users or room dimensions. Various shapes are available, such as v-shape, u-shape, rectangular or boat shape. A plethora of audio and video equipment can be utilized in the piece to create a high-tech atmosphere. In addition, monitor mounts, lifts or arms can be included at one end of the table for users that require a video conference solution as well.

Every project, application and room is different, which means each requires a unique solution for collaboration. Determining the best furniture set-up means first assessing the current space, it’s availability and how formal or technology friendly the meeting will need to be. These questions are all determining factors in how you personally define collaboration for you and your team.

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This blog was reprinted with permission from Joyce, it originally appeared here.

Joyce at Marshall

Joyce Nemenyi is a Sales Engineer at Marshall Furniture, Inc. Since 2011, she has worked with architects, consultants, integrators and various clientele to implement custom presentation furniture solutions. In addition to sales and design, she also runs a part-time blog for Marshall Furniture, Inc. and develops the company’s online presence as their Social Media Specialist. Joyce attended Northern Illinois University where she participated in the NIU Student Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC-NIU). After graduating in 2010 with a BA in English Language and Literature, she worked at the College of Lake County as a professional writing tutor. In her spare time, Joyce enjoys painting, attempting DIY projects and relaxing with her dog, Lola.