By Corey Moss

We reported the news on Convergent AV yesterday – here it is.

You’ll notice that it’s short, with a link to an article on AVNetwork written by Margot Douaihy. I’ve known Margot for a while now, I’ve written for AV Technology Magazine (for which she is the Editorial Director), I respect her greatly as an industry journalist, and with this it was a no doubt that I would do this. Beginning in October, Convergent AV will no longer be reporting AV industry news (we’ll only be reporting news at trade show time) so I was most pleased with being able to promote the first story that hit the social media waves on Twitter.

Now for the aftereffect.

As many figured (and was announced by some how it would happen at about 7 PM EST) the news hit rapidly on Twitter as well as Facebook, and was liked, retweeted, shared, answered to and even asked about by the #AVTweeps.

Steve Greenblatt, Control Concepts

Wallace Johnson, MertzCrew

Narin Nara, AVIXA

Jeremy Elsesser AVIXA FB post.png

Jeremy Elsesser, Level 3 Audio Visual (on Facebook)

There were numerous opinions, well-mixed in terms of the positive, the inquisitive and the questionable as you might figure with any type of re-branding effort. Breaking this down – AVIXA is defined by three keys AV + IX + A:

AV = Audiovisual technology is separate from IT. AV is the magic

IX = Integrated experiences (exceptional integrated experiences)

A = Association. A community working together for the common good

Personally, I’ve questioned anything in technology that brings magic into the equation. We are of course very familiar with the Arthur C. Clarke statement “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” and it’s of course quoted by many (and even included in some people’s e-mail signature that I know), but if we were to talk magic, that which is practiced by David Copperfield as it is his true profession, this is where I stop and ponder. Are we really trying to sell “magic” to the end user? Is this truly the differentiator or – as numerous marketers like to push – the gamechanger?

Are we promoting AV as the must have, what you can never overlook in terms of any overall technology integration project that will no doubt include IT? My answer is – absolutely. Should the end user be using a certified technology specialist (CTS – find out about certifications and training here) company for all integration work? Most definitely. If an integrator does not carry the proper amount of certifications (if such is hopefully established by AVIXA) – that will be on the company. It’s time to put the integration pretenders and “trunk slammers” out of business for good, as in the “Wild West” needs to become “How the West Was Won” — fast.

The A is easy – community, working together, a must for an industry to reach coordinated goals and establish ongoing leadership.

The IX – now that’s the true key as far as I’m concerned. InfoComm International introduced the Exceptional AV Experience to the AV world in 2015 with the end statement – achieve goals, exceed expectations, inspire action. Three activities, well-defined. Jeremy Caldera, CTS-I, CTS-D, CEO at IAS Technology, AVIXA CTS Certification Program Chair, AVIXA Leadership Search Committee has written several articles on Convergent AV referring to the “experience.” One of them The User Experience Is More Valuable Than the Technology begins like this:

Have you as the integrator considered that the user experience (UX) is the most important part of any project? Let’s forget about the design, project management, engineering, or even the technology for the moment, though these are of course important and vital to a successful project and experience.  As we know, there is no one solution to ensure a great experience – it’s not only a “user-friendly” touch panel or GUI, not just the ability to walk into a room that allows you to “plug and play.”  The user experience is all encompassing and different for everyone.

If we look deeply into this statement, as we should, we know that a young industry trendsetter, a CEO, CTS dual, highly experienced systems design engineer, is essentially specifying the X in the new industry organization’s IX. Or should I say – the X of the all-encompassing UX.

In the day since the announcement people have closely examined the rebrand, and knowing experts as I do I’ve asked them about it too. I do consider myself a semi-expert of sorts in terms of brand and communications (I have done some communications and written press releases for others in the past) and I have to say this one does make me think a bit. The change from InfoComm International – a well-known global brand – to AVIXA, an acronym. No one is truly sure how much awareness there is of InfoComm the organization among end users, they are certainly more familiar with InfoComm the show.

And that may be the reasoning right there. Because InfoComm the show is well known to industry and end user, that name will remain. For those talking to the end user as well as the architect, contractor, etc. – the AVIXA name could well be the differentiator as compared to InfoComm International.


AV – pretty self explanatory (although you can consider whether the magic applies).

IX – the integrated experience – the main key.

A – the association, a community of certified technology professionals, marketing experts and more. Working together to establish an ongoing path for industry growth and leadership for the next 50 years as is also laid out.

My thoughts and considerations. I will admit that I did think that something along the lines of InfoCommUX might be a convincing rebrand, however I believe AVIXA, and the keys, could roll well off my tongue very soon.  It does look pretty good on HQ.


Find AVIXA here on Twitter. Watch the video with Executive Director and CEO Dave Labuskes.

A footnote: Convergent AV is reporting News – AV, IT, UC&C, AVIXA Women and more.  

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With over 20 years in audio visual integration and IT/computer sales and consulting, Corey Moss is the owner of Convergent AV. Corey writes for the publication and hosts/produces podcasts – The AV Life, Convergent Tech Talk and Making a Marketer. He has written for numerous industry publications about AV, IT, unified communications and collaboration (UCC), cloud and software, IoT, cybersecurity and more. He has also conducted interviews with AV and IT executives and global influencers.