The second episode of the Making a Marketer show is a must-listen! Join host Megan Powers with her co-hosts Jen Cole and Elizabeth Glau as they welcome their guests: 

Brian Fanzo – Millennial Keynote Speaker, Founder and CEO at iSocialFanz LLC, Change Evangelist

Jessika Phillips – President at NOW Marketing Group, Relationship Marketing Evangelist

Brian and Jessika in-podcast

To quote Brian Fanzo, “Nobody trusts a logo.” Building community authentically is not something that comes easy, but it’s so worth it. Great insights from Brian and Jessika about what it means to build a community vs. building a network. All touched on what community means for associations, addressed the millennial mindset head-on, and even broached the “how do you get people to change from their same-old ways” subject. 

These two guests pride themselves on being connectors and evangelists of the relationship building that happens both online because of social media, and then offline because of these online experiences…

A perfect foundation for our topic at-hand: building community in business.

So sit back, plug in and listen as Megan, her co-hosts and the guests bring you a focused discussion (along with some fun) as they talk about…

Making a Marketer.


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