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With Episode 1 (guests Jenn Herman, Kari Embree and Kylene Kaelin) of a podcast show devoted to marketing and social media in the books (and still creating buzz), it’s time to get Episode 2 underway – and there are two outstanding guests waiting in the wings to join “The Marketers” for the next one.

MaM Ep 2

The discussion will focus on community building with Brian Fanzo and Jessika Phillips.

The ‘Making a Marketer’ profiles (and some choice tweets):

Megan headshot 3.jpg

Host: Megan Powers (@meganpowers) – also a co-host (live events specialist) Crew member on ‘The AV Life’

Strategic Marketing Consultant | Communication is my passion in all forms | SPORTS. TRAVEL. MUSIC. Podcasts:    

Home: San Diego, CA

Jen Cole 3.jpg

Co-host: Jen Cole (@jencoleICT) – also a co-host Crew member on ‘The AV Life’

Social Media Specialist | Community Manager @smexaminer | Owner @backspace_media | #SMMSociety | #KCChiefs fan | Podcaster @makeamarketer

Home: Wichita, KS

Elizabeth Glau

Co-host: Elizabeth Glau (@elizabethglau)

Experiences that create strong emotional connections. Events that integrate participants’ whole selves. Voice that connects to audiences and inspires advocates.

Home: Portland, OR

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Check out the full song for the ‘Making a Marketer’ theme (selected by Megan Powers).