Join the Crew host Corey Moss and Megan (Powers of Marketing) Powers as they welcome their guests:

Marina Gregory – VP of Marketing at New Era Technology

Jen Cole – Owner, Backspace Media & Pre-Event Community Manager at Social Media Examiner

Kari Embree –  Web and Social Media Consultant

Corey and Megan talk about ‘Making a Marketer’ – the new podcast on Convergent AV Radio – and introduce the guests (Jen is a co-host with Megan and Kari appeared as a guest on the show).

After this, Corey and Megan talk with the guests about:

  • Messaging platforms
  • “Keeping the Social Love Flowing”
  • Thought leadership and strategies
  • Content and engagement
  • Typohunting
  • Writing and tools
  • Live video

Excellent insights from the guests along with Megan – all professional marketers. As for Corey, he uses social media (and is a writer), so there’s that…

So, are you into marketing? Social media? Podcasts? All of the above? Then you must check out Making a Marketer Episode 1: Social Media and Reputation Management –

And then join us as we live…

The AV Life.


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